A Smile, or Perhaps a Laugh? Beta Chan at Nine Months

A smile, or perhaps a laugh? How will Beta-chan greet her father was the thought that filled my mind as the miles rolled by…

A ten-day trip to Taiwan with but her mother by her side, Anya was coming home. Unfamiliar faces and places had spooked our baby. For this little one, where even aunts are strangers, the unknown is fraught with dangers.

Dazed in the airport, she doesn’t see me coming. Still no reaction as I take her from her mother. Then. It was then. Ten fragile fingers found her father’s shirt and pulled with all her tiny might.

A tight embrace and she laid her head down on my shoulder. Not a smile. Not a laugh. No, it was the comfort of her daddy’s chest which proved the world was all right.

If you were to take a point you could say it was then, a moment that has defined my new life. Her daddy. Not just a daddy. Her daddy.

Beta-chan is happily growing. She’s mastered first sitting, now crawling and pulling herself up on wobbly legs and unsure knees.

And, of course, she’s cute. All babies are cute, but one’s own is always the cutest.

We do all the baby things, playand singand cry and fuss.

Let Bryan Adams have the Summer of 69, theseare the happiest days of my life.

Other pictures. The photo stream.

She’s a cutie! (Of course, I’m biased as I think Amerasian babies are definately the cutest as I have 3 of my own. )

She is adorable!!



And she is adorable and drooly!

She’s beautiful–I love the “fuss” pic. I am so happy for you and yours. :slight_smile:


Every time you post about your baby girl, I well up. She’s beautiful.

Look at those little teefers! She’s clearly the 2nd most adorable baby in the whole wide world. :wink:


“Asleep”? That baby is obviously faith healing people!

I’d been wondering how you are doing! We’re thinking sticky sticky thoughts for another Doper’s baby just now, and it made me realize I hadn’t noticed you around.

Anya is adorable.

TokyoPlayer, I am always absolutely moved to tears with every update of your beautiful daughter and her very, very smitten father.

I found out 2 days ago that my father died. I can assure you it has caused me zero grief. The only sadness I felt was knowing that I missed out on having a father. Your stories and pictures make me so happy, not just for your joy, but because the gift you have no idea that you are giving your daughter. If you are lucky, she will never, ever understand how lucky she is, she will just live in a world where her father loves and cherishes her.

So thank you, as a Mother to a little girl spoiled by her Daddy and as a little girl, who never had a good one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

She’s so adorable–I can’t believe how fast she’s growing! It won’t be long till we’re looking at prom pics, I’m sure!

I can’t blame you a bit for being a proud papa. It’s a good thing you are, 'cause you couldn’t deny that girl for a moment–she looks so much like you, especially when she’s smiling! :slight_smile:

I think those are my favorite baby pictures…the ones where the dad is conked out on the recliner with the baby zonked out on his chest. Such a lovely picture of bliss and contentment.

Your Beta definitely knows who her daddy is, no fear. And she will know that you will always have her back. That makes little girls grow up into strong, confident women.

OMG, has she grown! She is so adorable, TokyoPlayer; what a blessing for your family. :slight_smile: Thanks for continuing to share with us.

Between a busier work schedule which doesn’t leave time for surfing during the daytime, and a busier home life, which takes up my night, I haven’t been on the dope for quite a while now.

We are doing really well. I had struggles with feelings from the past as I worked at learning how I wouldn’t do the the same thing to my daughter that my father had done to me.

But I couldn’t, as sister said, even if I tried. The other fear was that I wouldn’t be perfect, but I’m learning how to be good enough. So I’m relaxing more.

She’s learning to blow her drool and make strange sounds, which I mimic back. We look at each other and laugh, For we have built a house of laughter and light.

Except when she’s too tired to sleep, but that’s a thread for the Pit. :wink:

As usual, TP, your writing touches my heart.

Honey, none of us are perfect parents. We all screw up, and you will too. But that’s okay, because it shows Beta that you can still be a good person in spite of the stumbles.

Thank you for the updates and the continuing pictures.

All the :heart:,

I wish only the best for you and Beat and your family. My eyes are wet, and I don’t think it’s dust.

What a gorgeous, gorgeous little 'un! Are you still walking on Cloud Nine, Dad?