OK, brialliants, this is illegal...

And different, we’re talking DEATH THREATS!

Learn to post corerctly.
Secondly, show us proof of these death threats.

If you are suggesting that what ML has posted on this MB constitutes “death threats”, I doubt any law enforcement agencies would agree with you.

If he’s harrassing you in any other way - eg email - you need to contact the admins about it with proof.

Either way, starting multiple threads in multiple forums isn’t likely to get you any sympathy around here.

Eh…um. I no champion of Daemon, but I think he has a point, albeit not expressed well perhaps. I was actually pretty surprised to see the “Can I kill Daemon” thread stay open for as long as it did, and pretty surprised that it was not deleted completely from the Board.

It may not have been a direct threat, or an explicit threat, and it may have been pretty much in a gray area. But given the nature of these sort of things…and other threads which have been closed and removed in the past…it seems like it really wasn’t something that should have been allowed to run on the Board. True, the rules here are pretty lenient and fair (the thread would have warranted an instant, no-warning banning on my little Board), but I think that thread was right on the line, if not over it.

Then again, the original thread that spawned all this was perhaps on or over the line as well, the difference being no one on the SDMB was really referred to in any way in the first one. Not that that makes it right, but it didn’t bring it quite as “close to home”.

Una, not saying what Morrison did was right, but Daemon is not handling this in a mature way. It seems to me that Chronos at first did not understand the meaning of the thread, either implicitely or explicitely. I hardly think you can fault for the mods for leaving it open for as long as it was when they probably didn’t realize what was going on. Chronos asked at 12:12 what was going on. Morrison responded at 12:56 explaining himself. 30 minutes later, the thread was shut down. I imagine Chronos is very busy moderating GQ, and while he was probably keeping an eye on that thread to see it develop, I doubt he was sitting there hitting “refresh” every ten seconds to see what was going on.
And even if he had been, Morrison didn’t respond for nearly an hour.
I think Chronos did act in a timely manner.

Well, the time duration wasn’t quite my point, Haley, more the topic/subject matter. The thread was open for 23 hours, in fact, from June 4 through the 5th. That’s what I meant when I said I was surprised at how long it was open.

Eh, missed the dates. sorry