OK explain why this is not an insane road sign

Driving an unfamiliar road at night, this left me flummoxed.

no-turn turn lane

I made the turn and figured out afterwards it was for the following break in the median.

That’s E-Pass, not EZ Pass. SunPass is statewide. E-Pass is operated by the CFEA, but works with any SunPass booth.

E-Pass has a specific transponder available for multistate use; the regular E-P transponder doesn’t work with EZ-Pass. SunPass has a version called SunPass PRO for multistate use.

Ah but if there’s also EZE Pass (under S.O.F.A.), that can be an alternate substitute for any PylonPass booth rebate stub, as long as your SolielPass PRO card can be redeemed at any Pylon Pass, I’m pretty sure.

For whatever it is worth …

EZ Pass is accepted by all Central Florida Expressway Authority tolls.

They also have this cryptic FAQ entry:

  • E-ZPass is accepted on the Central Florida Expressway Authority’s 125-mile toll road network and now the entire state of Florida.
  • Your E-ZPass will be charged the same electronic toll rate as E-PASS customers are charged on Central Florida Expressway-owned roads.

So it looks like Florida is joining the rest of the East.