OK, I love "Los Angeles." Now which X album should I get?

I’ve had X’s first album, Los Angeles, for over a year. It’s been one of those albums that the more I listen to it, the more I love it. I want to explore further in the X catalog, but I don’t know where to go next. I know and like three post-Los Angeles songs: “Adult Books,” “Riding With Mary” and “I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts.” Unfortunately, each of these tracks come from a different album.

Which album should I get next, then? I’m not big on “best of” compilations.

[hijack]Didja know that the Knitters are touring again? You might want to check and see if they’ll be playing in your area.[/hijack]

All right an ‘X’ fan !!!
Geez I sure liked them. I only bought 1 album of theirs but I highly recommend it - “Under The Big Black Sun”. Here’s a review:

Great tracks - “Hungry Wolf” “Blue Spark” (but many others are quite good).

I saw their videos on MTV way back when. I also liked when they would make a rare TV appearance.
Hey, a band with people named Exene Cervenka and Billy Zoom assures you of quality. :slight_smile:

For me it would be a toss up between More Fun In The New World and Under The Big Black Sun. If you like X, you’ll probably end up getting both eventually anyway.

Los Angeles is my favorite, but Under the Big Black Sun is a close second.

They have a double album with both Wild Gift and Los Angeles on it. That’s my favorite. BEST LA band ever.

Wild Gift was their next one after Los Angeles and I think it’s every bit as good. It also sounds a lot like Los Angeles, so if you like one you’ll like the other.

No such luck. Looks like it would be a great show, though.

That’s what I was afraid would happen. :slight_smile: It looks like the first four are all essential albums.

Get 'em all.

Love X. The soundtrack of my university years, but still a favourite now that I’m f…fu…for… forty.

If you already have Los Angeles I’d recommend Wild Gift. It’s my personal fave of all their albums.

Lemme know when your trying to track down Fear albums, or The Germs, or Black Flag… or any other punk band. I mean, a real punk band, not this Caliskapunk shit that the kids think is punk rock.

God! I miss them days…

I second Backwater Under_Duck’s suggestion. It’s a great CD.

I saw X on the *More Fun in the New World * tour in Nashville at what was then the Exit/In on Elliston Place. Great show, the opening act was the Three O’Clock.

I really like the live album *Live at the Whiskey-a-Go-Go on the Fabulous Sunset Strip

oo, oo!

An X Thread!

I recently got * Make the Music Go Bang!*
It has all the best X songs, except for the freakin’ title track.

I think MFitNW and UtBBS were the best albums, but I have a soft spot for Ain’t Love Grand. It’s very very Texas; it followed The Knitters project. “What’s Wrong With Me” is really lame, but it has “My Goodness,” probably the quintessential Exene song. “Burnin’ House of Love” is another classic, a sort of Hardcore-Elvis cross.

Another essential X track (though it was a cover of a Dave Alvin song) is “Fourth of July,” on See How We Are.

Another vote for Wild Gift. Even better than Los Angeles, IMO - no semi-duds like “Nausea” or “Soul Kitchen”. Under The Big Black Sun is excellent, too - in fact, they didn’t really make a mediocre album until Ain’t Love Grand, after which it all went steadily downhill. My advice: get the first four albums in chronological order. You can’t go wrong.

If you can find a copy of the movie The Unheard Music you should see it.

Not to ention The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization

And hey, I liked “Soul Kitchen,” although I tend to shy away from Manzarik-heavy songs.

I just had to put in another vote for Under the Big Black Sun in case you had any dubts. You need this album.

One of the most underrated bands ever.

Eek! Those are two of my favorite songs on Los Angeles. I think I’ll be following your advice, though - I’m going to pick up Wild Gift in the next couple of days and the other two soon after I let that one sink in.

It’s going on my Netflix queue. saoirse, it doesn’t look like The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization is on DVD, though.

I just checked imdb. It isn’t on DVD, but is on VHS. Oh well.

Anyway, It’s The Decline of Western Civilization. I always get it confused with Gibbon.