Ok, now that's funny Maud'Dib

A guest resurected this thread from five years ago, July of 2001 to be precice, saying he didn’t understand the thread. Hal Briston pointed out that that might be because the thread was 5 years out of date, to which Maud’Dib responded:

The thread was closed by Giraffe, but I must echo Bloo-bird:

Brilliant comment, absolutely brilliant.

That IS funny. I’m giggling!

Oh! *Now *I get it.

Brilliant, I wonder how long he had to wait to use that one.

About five years.

A bit of nitpickery: the poster is Muad’Dib. Perhaps “Maud” is his Bene Gesserit maiden aunt.

Guests are not able to search for old threads so I wonder how (s)he was able to find this one.

I don’t get it.

I thought that was hilarious too. Much credit to Muad’Dib.

Mangetout explained in a different thread today that you can sort the order of the threads in a forumn from last to first or something like that. It’s not really a search function, but it works for finding older threads if you have the time to do this.
If you go into a forumn and view the current threads you can scroll all the way down the page and you’ll see the ‘display options’ area. From here you can modify the threads displayed from last to first rather than first to last.

Now I’m tempted to go try to find the Oldest Thread Of All.

Have fun looking in the archives:)

Unless you’re joking, check the year of the thread. September… 2001… New York.

I didn’t understand why the thread listing said that the thread starter is wishbone, but if you look at the actual thread, the first post is by Sultan Kinkari. Was this a name change or was the original post deleted?

I wasn’t, and I guessed it was that he was referring to, but I don’t see the joke. Probably just my problem since everyone else finds it funny.

Almost certainly a name change. Notice also that “tiny ham” is listed as posting in the thread, despite people calling her by her old name, jarbabyj.

Try really hard to think of something that happened in New York in September 2001. Sometime between, oh, say the 10th and the 12th.

I think he understands the concept but he doesn’t find the concept itself funny.

That’d be the one. And it isn’t just because of what happened, since my sense of humour is usually pretty dark.

I did think it was funny, I just don’t think a one-liner justifies a whole new thread. Maybe that’s what’s dampening the humor for you, as well.