Ok, one more - has anyone got anything to say about Magic Micro?

Magic Micro

As I said in the other thread, we’re computer shopping, and want to be sure we don’t end up going to a “nobody” company.

All input will be appreciated. Thanks!

After checking resellerratings.com, it looks like they’re pretty much a hit or miss operation. On the one hand, they took the time to write a lengthy and explanatory repsonse to a harsh criticism from a customer. On the other hand, I see plenty of reviews from people that got screwed. I’d rather go with someone more established, like newegg, to get my stuff. And I certainly wouldn’t buy a whole system from these guys. Parts, maybe, in a pinch, but not a complete machine.

Their BBB record actually isn’t too bad–only 4 complaints in the last 36 mos.

I’m not an IT guru. Just my $.02.