OK so, I'm a sore loser (UEFA Cup Final)

Sevilla, 21 May 2003.

IN WHICH: Celtic bring their players, and 70,000+ supporters to cheer them on.

IN WHICH: Porto bring their professional diving squad.

and IN WHICH: UEFA shows it has learned nothing from the debacle that was the last World Cup, appointing referees from irrelevant footballing nations (Slovakia, for fuck’s sake) to officiate matches way, way, WAY above their level.

Imagine what a different match it would have been if Collina had been the ref, or that Danish fella. I don’t even think Hugh Dallas would have let them get away with all their playacting, the five-minute goal celebration in the fucking stands, the keeper carrying the ball two feet over the line, etc.

OK, so we probably still would have lost. But at least we would have been beaten fair and square. And you never know, we might even have won.

:mad: :mad: :mad:

And on top of that, the airline lost my luggage :frowning:

The Streaker Mark Roberts strikes again

Ah, I thought of you when I watched the match, Wendy. I just knew you were in the stands somewhere. :slight_smile:

Frustrating, to do all that travelling only to see your team lose. But 70K Celtic supporters? Don’t you mean a little less?

I can’t really say I believe Celtic deserved to win this one, but I do agree about the referee, and how they should be from relevant competitions.

sailor, thanks for that Streaker link, that’s hilarious. :smiley:

I only saw the streaker run out into the field, show the referee a red card and then take off the clothes in one swoop and start running. Quite funny. I’ve seen the guy before.

coldie, there were 33,000 celts in the stadium, and at least 40,000 outside.

I’m pissed off I didn’t make it.

Ruadh, perfect time to get the new strip then :slight_smile:

There were easily over 70,000 Celtic supporters in Sevilla. Most were ticketless and just went over for the craic. Not a single arrest on the day, either, which says a lot about our support.

I wouldn’t say we “deserved” to win the match, but I don’t think we were given a fair shot at it - that’s what bothers me.

And yeah, the streaker added a much needed dose of humour to the game :slight_smile:

Oh, and my luggage arrived a few hours later, thank God. Didn’t want to have to shell out another €40 for another new strip (and your programme was in it as well, Twisty :))

>> And yeah, the streaker added a much needed dose of humour to the game

You can see the video at his website. At the end of his run he was in a position to score and totally blew it. I don’t think any teams will sign him up. :slight_smile:

ruadh, you’re lucky you can fit into the kids size :slight_smile: Mine was €60!

Yours would have been €55 in Seville. Rip-off Ireland strikes again :rolleyes:

I still cannot think of a good reason why football thinks it is above using video referees.

Considering the importance in financial terms and credibility that can turn on just one bad decision, it amazes me that football does not have the means to refer events onfield to video scrutiny.

Rugby league has used it for years, and you see many decisions where tries have been given or have been disallowed based upon video evidence.

When will football administartors grow up and take responsibility for the standards of control in football. Diving, or off the ball incidents would be controlled if we had thrid referees, maybe just maybe, the cynacism about bent referees would diminish, and perhaps this would enhance the overall product, which is surely what the games administrators want.

Euro football is plagued with seriously questionable decisions, shirt pulling, cynical obstructions away from the main play etc.
It is now a matter of some concern that strikers actually practice how to dive, and how to make the most of it.One cannot blame them, the supervison is lacking, in a sport that commands £billions you would think there would be effective drug testing regimes, and proper game control.

Celtic you deserve far better, my own team Leeds had at least two major finals stolen from them by bent referees, that final against Bayern Munich in Paris was an absolute stinker as far as corrupt refereeing went.

I’m pleased that the Celtic fans were a millions times better behaved and more tolerant than the Leeds fans were, in fact Celtic deserve accolades for the exemplary tolerance and good behavious of their fans.

casdave, if there were a hat-tipping smiley, it would go here. Thank you.

I don’t know much about footy, but Porto’s performance, especially in extra time, was shameful.

Porto: Football team or potential entrants of the Men’s 3m Springboard Final?

Watching the Celtic-Kilmarnock game now. A Celtic player goes down and the Killie fans start singing Are you Porto in disguise?


I’m sorry ruadh, but after seeing Celtic’s performance in the semi-final against whoever, I don’t think you really deserved to reach the final. It was without doubt the worst football game (quality wise) I’ve ever seen in my life.

I agree, but I don’t think Boavista deserved to either. Both sides were very poor. We at least were trying to win the game.

That 40 yard shot specialist Boavista had was trying to win the game, everytime he got the ball he shot!

Tuco, their manager even admitted he was just going to try to hold us (please don’t make me dig up a cite for that).

ruadh, I don’t think this is going to make you feel any better…