OK so now Michael Vick's hidden container water bottle DIDN'T have pot?

Story here.

Ummm… So he had a water bottle with a hidden container that he tried to sneak through airport security, and it didn’t have ANYTHING illegal in it? Just a random, innocent bottle of water with a hidden container? Are they really expecting us to believe this?

Well wouldn’t they have charged him if it was something illegal? They certainly don’t shy away from arresting football players of late if they do something against the law.

Unless money was involved. I know I am being a conspiracy nut, but I find it hard to believe he was sneaking a bottle with a hidden container through airport security and it didn’t have anything in it - why on earth would he bring it otherwise? And frankly I wouldn’t blame any cop who, when faced with a choice between busting Vick on a misdemeanor pot charge or taking his $20k hush money, decided to take the money. Sure, without any evidence I might as well be wearing the tinfoil hat, but I still smell a rat here…

I want a water bottle with a hidden compartment. Where can I get one?

I was thinking the exact same thing.


I heard the guys on PTI talk about apologizing to Vick for assuming the worst. I have a different take. Why apologize to someone who’s only redeeming characteristic is buying fake pot?

While there may not be any cause for criminal charges, there’s no reason the Falcons shouldn’t continue to be pissed off over their quarterback showing a negative public image.

Well, it makes sense- taking a water bottle from a person and letting them board the plane without being arrested means they were not guilty of a crime. Being in possession of something that smells like pot is not a crime, I don’t think. Obviously he keeps pot there and smartly took it out before boarding the plane. Would he have been allowed to go on his merry way if they had found pot?
Seth and Amy owe him an apology!

The most credible story that I have heard is that it was the remnants of a Cuban cigar. The residue wasn’t even pot, according to the tests.

If I smoked pot (which I don’t),
and if I had a water bottle with a hidden container (which I don’t, but I want one, that sounds cool),
I could see myself putting pot in the hidden container if I were going to, for example, spend time with my in-laws. I would not put pot in the hidden container if I were going to go through airport security. It is perfectly reasonable that Mr. Vick uses his hidden container in some situations, but is savvy enough that airport security is not one of them.

If you look at the eBay link from Jimmy Chitwood, the “hidden” part of that water bottle looks perfect for an ashtray. That story you heard could be very credible.

When I was looking at the bottle I thought “boy it’d suck if the guy robbing you was thirsty…”

I thought (sorry no ling yet) that in between the time the water bottle was confiscated, and it was “found not to have pot” that Vic apologized to the Falcons for his poor judgment. If that’s true, it’s obvious that HE thought there was pot in there, which means that at one time it did.

Conversely, I could argue why would a man who makes $13 mil+/year and likely has “connections” out the wazoo try to smuggle $20 worth of weed and a homemade bong through security?

“J! It’s Mike! I just flew in - can you meet me at my place? Cool.”

I mean, it’s not as if he’s going to have to cruise the Atlanta streets buying dime bags at Piedmont Park when he lands.

Not that I, uh, would know anything about that. :wink:

Or that he wished he’d left the damn thing at home on this trip. Water bottles with a space for a key, fake bottles that really hold your tools on a bicycle are perfectly reasonable, and available. Any idiot can say “there was an odor consistent with marijuana.” It’s a meaningless statement.

Exactly. I was thinking about starting a Pit thread about him.

The novelty of being a dual-threat QB is definitely wearing out, and with the finger incident and the Falcons submarining this season, there’s not a lot to be positive about, is there? Breaking records might be all well and good, but how about some wins, Ron?

He basically outed himself as a toker. Who on this earth has such a contraption except for weed smokers? While he may not have had it in the bottle at the time, I imagine it still smells of the sticky icky. If it was legit, he would have come out and made a statement about being innocent. But if he did, the next question would be “what the hell do you have a secret compartment water bottle for, then?” He figured he’d go down for the misdemeanor. But he got lucky - either not enough residue, or it deteriorated, or somebody got paid off - prolly all three.

If the dude was not a toker, he’d never have a bottle like that. He’d also have enough brain cells to toss something like that if he did. All of a sudden Marcus is looking like the smartest Vick, but give him time. I’m sure he’ll rob some people at a Mickey D’s soon. :rolleyes:

Remember, professional athletes fly a LOT of privately chartered flights with no security checks. There’s been more than one athlete caught with a gun in his carry on bag for no reason other than being an idiot.

First star NBA players, now NFL players. Even though I don’t smoke anymore, it still brings a smile to my face when I hear about world-class athletes indulging in the so-called “lazy man’s drug.” :slight_smile: