OK. The Parr family (The Incredibles) vs. the Simpsons.

Here is the scenario:
Homer Simpson is an important Government witness in an organized crime case. As usual, Homer is oblivious to this fact. :smack:

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa & Maggie all go live in a Witness Protection Program until the trial.

They are staying with the Parr family, Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible), Helen (Elasti-Girl), Violet (Ultraviolet?), Dashiell (the Dash), and little Jack-Jack. The Parrs are their secret bodyguards. They must keep the Simpsons alive, live with them in the Parr home for 30 days (when the trial begins), and not blow their secret identities.

Can a house full of Supers keep America’s most lovable morons from killing themselves, or getting Mob-whacked? Or is it Badda-Bing-Badda-Boom for the kids from Springfield? Or do the Parrs lose their vital secret and their marbles?

Whilst thou opine? :smiley:

Oh sweet mother of muffins would I pay to see this. The Incredibles was funny enough on its own, I can scarcely imagine to what peaks of comedy this pairing would ascend. Anyway.

I think that, as is par for the course with the Parr family (get it? par/Parr? :stuck_out_tongue: ), everything would be almost totally lost, but the Incredibles would save the day at the end. In other words, the Simpsons a) almost get killed, and b) almost find out the Parrs’ secret, but don’t. This miraculous happy ending would be a combination of the Parr family’s superhero-ness (via some climactic battle), and Homer’s stupidity. Example: The Incredibles are fighting the big evil robot/machine/monster/whatever and all seems lost, they’re all going to die. Meanwhile, Homer is conveniently nearby, either because the battle takes place in public or Homer has been taken captive without realizing it, and manages to mess with something such that it throws a monkey wrench into the bad guys’ plans, and gives the Incredibles the chance to win the day, with just barely enough time to change back and pretend they had nothing to do with it.

Of course Edna would have to make an appearance. I’m almost on the floor already just thinking about a conversation between Edna and Homer Simpson. :smiley: Bosda, you officially rule.

pssst, mister moderator man. mightn’t this belong in cafe society?

Somehow Sideshow Bob would have to be involved along with Fat Tony & Louie.
Lisa would of course catch on but having bonded with Violet will protect the Parr’s Secrets.
Bart will teach Dash some useful skateboards tricks.

Marge’s obsessive behavior would drive Helen wacky.