Ok. This is my rant time

Ok dopers, I dont care if you respond to this, but as long as my words are read by people, I’ll feel better. ok, now. I’m just going to rant about the one thing that ticks me off in the world (one of many, but this is just a de-stresser) is the abondance in sophmoric people! It agrivates me when people are so closed minded about everything and anything, they cant be wrong! Fact is, as I’ve grown in the world, I watch myself first. I learn myself so that I can watch others and learn from why they do what they do. ever read " a seperate peace"? well, Gene learns all he knows by a big event. Well, I had my big event, and that was going to India for a month. Culture shock is what I had, and it changed my perception. I watch myself closer than ever. I know from that exact reason, it cant be me. its just 2 or 3people out there who decide that they are right always! Worst of all, I dont say it to them, but they accuse me of the same thing. oddly enough, only these 2 or 3 people accuse me. sooo, thinking about it, they only accuse me of it because I know that they are sophmoric, and I generally dont believe them. they see that i dont believe them, or they try to prove me wrong, and dont “ever admit I’m wrong”, when I am an extremely applogetic person. The rest of the world says to them “yea, your right” cause the sophmoric attidude comes off to them as “yea, they have to be right”. Well, my plea to the teeming millions is this: PLEASE STOP THE SOPHMORIC ATTITUDES! I know your out there, and I know that if you’ll read this you’ll say “This kid is wack”…thats what they do. thats why they are sophmoric. well. please, everyone, look at yourselves! know yourselves, and know, that you constantly change. I am wrong a lot, I admit. I am not the smartest kid on earth, or even close. I just want people to have self realisation! thank you. steps off soap box

Let me be the first.
This kid is wack!

[sub]Well somebody had to say it, it might as well be the sophomoric me[/sub]

nah. you arnt sophmoric if you admit it. sue me. even if I am wrong, I just needed to rant.

Hoo doggie!

Dude, a little paragraph and capitalization would help me understand ya. . . I figured that out Sophomore year. . .

My eyes hurt now.

Dude, you are so wrong. There aren’t that many sophmoric people. I should know, I’m always right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great. Another one of those Alanises that went to India and “found the Truth”.

Send him to the pit!..Food fight!

Coldfire, you couldnt be any more wrong. I saw the hippies there (which was quite funny in itself.) but I went there as a missionary.

The kid is wack. No two ways about it.

By the way, this belongs in the pit, and I give it a 1.5

The extra .5 is because it is bizarrely entertaining.

Lucky Charms

Well, I read this much of your post, and then I read the other posts. You are wack. Hope you feel better.

yep. wackwackwackwackwacketywack!

But, then, India’ll do that to you. Made me feel like God took my brains out, gave 'em a good shake and plop 'em back in.

[zombie Homer]mmmmmm Brains…[/zombie Homer]
[“The Shining” Homer]…whack…whack…heeeeerrrrres Homer[/“The Shining Homer”].

Ah, just pulling your leg a bit, Caesar.
Then again, I shudder to think what Alanis’ answer would be if one were to ask her if she considered herself a missionary too…

You went to India and found the truth, huh? You shoulda stayed here… we’ve got all these “The Truth” commercials blaring in our faces all day long (and frankly, it’s starting to get annoying).

Anyhoo… while in India, did you buy a little Ganesha figurine? A Perfect Ganesh, if you will? :smiley:

I went to Korea as a missionary for a year and a half, and it took me a long time after I got back to be able to just enjoy where I was and who I was with. It was such an intensely life-changing experience that I felt like people couldn’t understand me if they couldn’t understand that experience. But after a while I had other experiences and met other people, and then I got married and was able to go to Korea with my husband (teaching English for nine months). So now when I’m seized by the need to talk about Korea, I can talk to him. But we talk about a lot of other things too!

You want fries with that rant?

Seriously, if everyone else is so SOPHMORIC, that makes you like what, a freshman?