I’m just kinda curious to know how many of you are full of yourselves. I know I am. You’d never know it by the way I act or anything unless you got to know me well enough for me to feel free and say whatever’s on my mind. My close friends know it all too well. I’d like to learn that I’m not alone in that i feel like I’m too good for just about any girl I’ve ever met, and that I’m smarter than just about everyone I know (I’m sure there are many with IQ’s higher than mine, but i still feel like my abilities to reason and to apply practical knowledge far surpass those of people I’ve met and have come to know over the years). And on top of that, I think I’m exceptionally good-looking, and I doubt there’s anyone in the world quite like me. And what’s more, is that I feel like there’s nothing wrong with this. Maybe there isn’t. This feeling is so natural to me that I think like there’s no way I’m the only one who feels it.

I don’t doubt that I sound like a huge asshole. I’m just being honest. I want to see how many of you have similar views of themselves, or if none of you do (I really hope this isn’t the case), tell me what you think of yourself.

I just want assurance that I’m not the only one like this.

Let it out! All of it!

Well, I’d reply but you’re obviously not going to understand my point, so what’s the use?

I take offense to that. You’re forgetting how smart I am :slight_smile:

Am I really that big an asshole?

By the way, I forgot to finish the title of the thread.

How did I know you were from California even before I glanced over to your location?

Nothing inherently wrong with being overconfident, as long as you aren’t mean-spirited about it to those you find beneath you.

Be careful of relying too much on the good-looking aspect. That will change no matter what you do, but by all means, enjoy it now.

If you really feel you are smarter than everybody, then you are kind of stupid for hanging around stupid people. Find a better circle of friends who can challenge your intellect.

I am not sure how much the OP is tongue in cheek, but if what you are saying is true, you would probably be a prime candidate for a great S&M relationship…as the M. For the right person, of course.

By the way. You seem ideally suited to be a Fox Network Executive for about a year or two until someone smarter, better looking and hungrier comes along and stabs you in the back.

Have a nice day!

I have an aversion to people who are noticeably full of themselves. I’m in the Navy and I fly for a living, so I meet cocky guys every single day. But most of them seem to be cocky in their flying ability, vice full of themselves. So the vast majority of guys I meet and know in the aviation community are great. There are only a few exceptions which overtly exhibit the characteristics you described in the OP.

I used to feel similar to you. But over the years, I met many people who were demonstrably way smarter than me. And then I discovered the SDMB. Now I feel intellectually inferior.

And I also came to the realisation that intellectual ability doesn’t necessarily equal life ability - our big dumb emotional selves dictate our behaviour, no matter how much grey matter we feel ourselves to have.

No Disguise, I can really only pity you. Being so wonderful must lead to a boring, lonely life.

I imagine, when you meet people, you are soon disappointed with them. No one can manage to challenge you.

Being so wonderful, you must miss out on the joys from laughing at yourself.

Being great doesn’t equal having a great life.

but… thanks for sharing

I avoid mirrors.
I am at risk of catching sight of my reflection, and being unable to look away.

If you are going to “pit” yourself, do it in the BBQ Pit.
Moving this for obvious reasons.

“I’m just being honest.”

The cry of the asshole.

It’s one thing to be overly self-confident. Life will knock most of that out of you when you get older.

However, perhaps you should take a look at this: NPD.

Hey, ya never know. Maybe you need more help than you could ever get on an internet message board.

Ha! I envy the hell out of you, No Disguise, even as I suspect you’re full of shit. I think you need some balance and perspective though. Especially your attitude toward other people. There’s nothing wrong with thinking you’re great, but you seem to be hung up on how much better you are than everybody else, and that’s probably not healthy. Pay more attention to other people is my advice. You may find you’re underestimating them.

Also, how smart could you be if you can’t even manage to enter a thread title correctly? Dumbass. :stuck_out_tongue:

Give it ten years, No Disguise. You’ll look back on this post and say, “Jeez, I was an ugly dumbass back then…”

If waiting is not your gig, head on over to GD or one of the other forums here, where your ego and sense of cerebral superiority will no doubt lead to your having your ass handed to you after you’ve been reduced to intellectual puree.

Matt??? Is that you ???
[sub]my daughter dated a guy like this once …[/sub]

“… If there is anything in the universe more important than my ego, I want it taken out and shot immediately.” -Zaphod Beebelbrox.

Dmark, I agree with everything you said except for the bits about S&M, and about my surrounding myself with stupid people. My friends aren’t stupid. They’re actually a bright bunch of guys. Besides, they’re the same friends I grew up skateboarding with. We’ve been through a whole lot together, and I’m not going to dump them because they’re not smart enough for me. I know a few of the type of people who most would consider smarter, but they’re just as, well, not smart as most people I know.

I’m not noticeably full of myself. Like I said, you’d never know it by the way I act. And it’s not like I walk around telling people this kind of stuff.

In regard to what jjimm posted, I know that intellectual ability doesn’t necessarily equal life ability. I never said it did (and you might not be saying I did, but you are telling me as though it’s something I don’t know), and by reading all these responses, it’s apparent to me that you guys are drawing all sorts of unfounded conclusions about me. But that’s ok. I asked for it :slight_smile:

I kinda pity myself. It does seem like I’m soon disappointed with most new people I meet, and few (I won’t say no one) can manage to challenge me. Sure, it’s kinda lonely (though I’m not too sure about boring) looking for somone I deem worthy. But I by no means miss out on the joys of luaghing at myself. I know I’m only human. We all make mistakes and have false convictions on occasion. And I damn well know being great doesn’t equal having a great life.

Yeah, I’ve looked into that before. I don’t meet a single one of the criteria required to be considered narcissistic though. I’m actually quite the opposite to most of them. I don’t dream of unlimited success, fame, great power or omnipotence, or anything like that. I want to be a school teacher. I’m not at all devoid of empathy. I don’t exagerate any meager achievements I’ve yet accomplished. I’m not constantly envious of others, nor do I think they’re envious of me. I don’t feel rage when confronted, frustrated, or contradicted.

I don’t think hung up on how much better I am than everyone else. I don’t focus on that, but I do need a basis for comparison when I decide somone else isn’t as great as me. Yeah, I’ve underestimated people before. I’ve also overestimated. Who hasn’t? Unfortunately, it seems the more attention I pay to people, the more I find I’m overestimating them. I’ve been trying to learn to see the better in people, or at least not see the bad in what’s different. Or better yet, not think the bad is bad (wish me luck).

jjimm said something similar. To this i say: nothing I would find there would cause this. I don’t doubt at all that there are people (probably a whole lot of them) who are stuffed full of waaaaaaaaay more information than I am. I’m only 20. I have a lot to learn and experience.

Thanks a bunch, guys. This is therapeutic. I don’t think these thoughts so precisely in my head when i’m thinking about it myself.

I guess I am one of the very few who feel this way?

(reads OP)
(looks in mirror)
I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggonit, people like me…

I know I’m smarter than 90% percent of the people I work with, but that’s just because 90% of the people I work with are in sales.

Look, behind you! PowerPoint slides!
[runs away]

Perhaps you merely think you’re better than others because nobody wants to hang around you long enough for you to make a proper evaluation, or maybe it’s just that nobody fancies casting their pearls before you?