OK, this quote is killing me...

It might have been on this board, or another, or Facebook, or … somewhere, but I recently encountered this great quote, but I didn’t recognize, and can’t remember, who said it, and now i don’t remember where I saw it, and I suspect I’ve gotten the wording mixed up. Searching has been useless.

Does anyone recognize this?

“A French letter, a sanitary napkin, a double eagle, and a .32 should sustain a girl of adventurous spirit through any encounter.”

Something like that. Nowadays it would be a condom, a Kotex, a gold card, and a Glock 9mm.

Found it on a t-shirt at zazzle.com. It’s attributed to “great aunt maude”


That’s it! Someone linked to the shirt! Thank you!

That also explains why I couldn’t remember the (suspiciously fictional-sounding) author.

So a “French letter” is some sort of birth control? (No whoosh- I really don’t know what that is).

Just search “urban dictionary” whenever you aren’t sure.

“The term used by soldiers in the European Theater during World War II for a condom”

I’ve sworn off Urban Dictionary after being traumatized by some of the interesting practices described therein.

…but you have to say it in that Bea Arthur tone of voice. :slight_smile: