OK, Upper-Midwest Dopers... This is It

NghtCrwlr and I are leaving Minnesota sometime in the next few months. I’m going back to Texas to finish my degree, and Russ isn’t sure what he’s going to do yet.

So, since this it, we’d love to see you guys one more time. We’re going to be moving sometime before March, so it’s gonna have to be sometime in late January or early February.




Come on, y’all, speak up a bit, will ya?

We weren’t free for the New Year’s weekend suggestion, but are open to others, and would have people here again, if nothing else occurs to anyone. It could be that some of the upper midwest dopers did not see that OP because of the time.

And good luck to you, msrobyn and NghtCrwlr, with your move.


Well I check plane fares and I almost fell over: from $500 to $2,000. ::shudder:: I may have to send myself Purolator. :wink:


Was that US or Canadian?


bump so everyone else can see it.


My name is LNO, and I’m a Minnesotan.
(Minnesotans: So, hi, LNO, then.)

I’ll come, assuming that it’s somewhere near the Twin Cities. And then everyone can watch me lurk there, too.

Please keep me informed. I am a possibility to make the trek from Duluth. Of course, with a mere seventy-odd posts, I’ll be a stranger anyway. I’m okay with that; at least I haven’t established high expectations.

I’m another Duluth resident. Never been to a Dopefest before, but I’d like to.

Bump bump shadump.

So, sometime in February is the likeliest date. I am most likely going to move mid-to-late February.

What about a Groundhog (February 2) or Valentine Dopefest (February 14) in Minneapolis?



I’m a NoDak type, but I’ll spread what’s left of my holiday cheer to the northern Midwest types. Besides, it’ll be around my birthday too . . .

I want a truck for my b’day. Nothing more, nothing less. . .

So… February in Minneapolis… need suggestions on a place to have it. Any suggestions are welcome!


What type of places are dopefests usually held at?

Where are folks coming from?

How long do they usually go for? All day events, or just an evening at a local pub?


Last one was overnight. We met for lunch at a restaurant in St. Cloud, and retreated to Spider Woman’s house. It’s kind of a regional thing. Most of us are from Minnesota, but Tripler may be coming in from North Dakota.

They are a LOT of fun :slight_smile:


Well I can get a cheap fare, if it takes place on Groundhog day weekend…hint hint


Groundhog day works for me


Ground Hog Day weekend looks like it would be workable for Spider and I.
Twin Cities?

Yuppers! Any suggestions?


Does anyone want to rent a suite to share?