OK, What the HELL was going on in Twin Peaks?

I don’t know that this merits a GD, and no way it could be a GQ, soooo…

I don’t know how many of you dopers liked the series, but I’m damn near obsessive over it. Its all-too-early demise never let the series close like it should have, and the movie (barring some minor inconsistencies) only made things stranger.

First of all, what was with the midget? “I am the arm.” Was he mike’s missing arm, cut off when he left Bob? This would explain why the midget was sort of evil in the end of the series, though his part was usually that of a gatekeeper or butler.

The Black Lodge. Must go through there to get to he White Lodge. But you know, I always felt that they were actually one in the same.

Also, were the Grandmother and her magician grandson also part of the Lodge[s] in some way? The movie would have us believe so. Same with the Giant.

The movie also bothered me when Annie was in Laura’s dream. “My name is Annie. I’ve been with Laura and Dale. The good Dale…etc” Been with Laura? How? When? WTF?!?

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Check the web for Twin Peaks sites. There’s a few good ones I’ve seen, but can’t put my hands on the links right now. There is a rumor of a new TP movie if Lynch is interested.

I never understood the relevance of the Red Room and the Air Force officer, Major Briggs.

I don’t think there’s any relevance to any of this, which was the problem of “Twin Peaks.” What started out as a pretty inventive and funny little TV mystery disintegrated into a weekly in-joke for creators David Lynch and Mark Frost. What was the meaning of the dancing midget? Lynch thought it was a hoot, that’s what.

But here are some websites which feature interpretations of the various Twin Peaks weirdness:






This last isn’t an explanation of the show, but it’s a really funny scam about a “missing episode” (which really didn’t exist):


As is no doubt clear, I was a HUGE fan of the show.

I started watching the series all over again last night so I just had to post.

Thanks for the links! I already signed up some time go at Interstate95 butto no avail. :frowning: The cut-and-pasted newsgroups are nice.

Some deeper searching than ever done by me before led to…
A great read (follow the link to the non-acedemic stuff, there’s two distinct theories there which tie specifics together).

I disagree with both of them, though, for different reasons.

The series is supposed to come out in dvd this fall…my vhs tapes are about dead!