Okay, I admit it: I'm in LOVE. With a Doper.

And I met him right here on the Straight Dope, about 3/4 of the way down the first page, when he popped into my comfort party thread:


Todd33rpm, I realized as I put two and two together, is the guy I hear on the radio practially every morning of my life, and lo! it turns out he was also destined to become the new love of my life. What an unexpected suprise! (Yes, I know that phrase is a little redundant redundant, but I’m in love, gimme a break here.)

Anyway, I emailed him, one thing led to another, and here we are a few months later with everything falling nicely into place relationship-wise. (In my defense, I tried mightily to warn him off. “Kids!” I cried. “Dogs! Messy house! Bills! Etc!”…but he was not to be scared away, poor fellow.) The kids love him. My mom loves him. He gives massages, and has the most gorgeous eyes, mmmHMMMMM. Ah, but I digress.

Todd, for those of you who haven’t met him, is a wonderful, sweet, warm, funny guy. AND he thinks I’m the most beautiful thing that ever walked God’s green earth, so let’s not try to change his mind, okay?

Right now I’m walking around somewhat stunned, looking at the world and muttering, “Oh. So this is how it’s supposed to be…”

I’m very, very happy, and I wanted to share.



That’s all, just YAY!

Dude… your MOM loves him? This one’s a keeper! Congrats!

Ok, how many guys clicked on this thread hoping it was them, huh??


That’s wonderful karol. Very happy for you both!

Ah, that’s great, karol.

This is wonderful news for you.

Does that mean you don’t need a comfort thread anymore??? :wink:

I’m so happy for you!

Let’s see, 6 replies, 125 views so far. By my calculation, that’s 119 guys who have viewed this thread only to be let down. Having said that, congratulations!

Congrats Body Poet! I have a crush on another doper but its more of a stalker thing LOL

After what you’ve been through, you need a lot of happiness… and it appears you’ve found it. That’s great! :slight_smile:


I was kind of wondering, what with all the times he popped into that thread, and the Bloomington coincidence, and your sudden need, although separated, for birth control advice…

I’m happy for both of you! Have a blast enjoying each other!

(And so at least one of the views/posts in this thread isn’t from a guy who is hoping it was him…)

Good for you, girl. It’s always great to have something go right for a change, eh? Congrats!


and here, i thought i might have to break the news to the wife. :slight_smile:


Never work.

KIDDING! I married one.

That is very YAY! YAY!

Once more, with feeling.


Oh, I’m so happy. You deserve a good thing like this in your life.

That’s great news, bodypoet! You’re one of the good ones, and I’m happy for you both.

So is Todd’s hot chocolate as good as he says it is? Was he able to teach you to play euchre, or did he give up? :slight_smile:

I’ll add my own “Yay!” to the list!

Love rocks:).


Luck and joy to you both!

Another YAY! Love does, indeed, rock!

Best of luck!