Okay, I'm back...what, you didn't miss me?

Greetings, gang. I’m back. Hello? Anyone? Anyone? Phoo. I knew if I didn’t post an “I’m leaving!” thread, no one would notice. (Typed all in tongue-in-cheek)

Seriously, I just got back from visiting extended relatives in Ohio. The fiancé and I were there for a week, mainly just going back and forth to the grandparents’ places, watching movies with my aunt and uncle, and eating. Holy cow, grandparents like to feed! It was a good visit, although somewhat difficult–my grandfather passed away three weeks ago, and it was so hard to go to his house. It just felt so empty without him there. We helped my widowed grandmother, doing any number of things, and just provided company. She is doing remarkabkly well–such a strong woman!–but still, it is a very difficult time for her.

We had fun catching lightning bugs/fireflies in the evenings–man I miss doing that! And on Friday, we drove into Kentucky to visit the Kentucky Horse Park. I was in heaven! :slight_smile:

So, anyway, there you go. But hey, while I was gone, I made a bunch of crushes/lusting lists, so that’s quite welcome home! Why thankee, all! :smiley:

Well, I don’t know about the rest of them, but I missed ya! WB Ruffian!. :smiley:

Thank you for not posting an “I’m leaving” thread first though. :rolleyes: We seem to have enough of those.

Good to have you back Ruff, even if you don’t know me from Adam.

Hello and welcome back. You missed some fun shit . . . but you’ll catch up . . . hehehe.

Aw shit, Laura’s back. Just when I was starting to enjoy this message board. :wink:

Actually, I’m glad you had a safe trip and got to do some of the things you had fun doing as a kid (I miss catching lightning bugs too). I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather. I was close to all of my grandparents but have lost three since 1994. It’s always tough to deal with.

And what’s with putting your high school senior (IIRC) picture on the People Pages? I mean, really, it was taken such a loooonnnng time ago!

Ruffian said:

So, they were Plasticmanesque? Or, maybe that would be extending relatives. Never mind.

Any way, welcome back.

Yeah, if you’d posted an “I’m leaving” thread, I’d have said to myself “Not Ruffian, too!”

I forget which thread you mentioned it in, but I do recall you mentioning that your grandfather had passed away and that you were going back to see your family soon. Kudos to you for providing the moral support, and I’m glad to hear that you were able to mix in some fun, too.

Being an LA native, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a lightning bug or firefly. I’ve seen a lounge lizard, but that’s not exactly the same thing. :confused:

Imagine how many mentions you’d have gotten on the various crushes/lusts threads if you’d been here to campaign for yourself. But then again, maybe the secret is to lie low and say nothing. (In my case, the secret is NOT to post a picture)

Welcome back again!

Welcome Back, Ruffian. Always glad to see the returning faithful.

Sorry Aenea, I’m one of those that posted an “I’m going on vacation” message. While I’m certainly not one of the most visible people on the board there are quite a few people with whom I normally exchange posts. Wally’s death taught me that it’s better to let them know in advance when one expects to be absent for a while. At least I limited the post to MPSIMS. :wink:

Shit. You made the crush lists more than me (Make that any number greater than one), and you weren’t even here?

Bitch. :slight_smile:

Seriously, welcome back. I for one noticed your absence.

LOL, sorry, it was a joke. Whoosh. :smiley: