Okay, so who bought one of these? (RealNames)

Yet another poorly-thought-out web idea goes under:

[ The Register: RealNames goes titsup.com ]

As the story says:

Come on, own up. Anyone buy one of these names?

I didn’t, and I was amused at the demise. I’m still rooting for AnarchyNIC, but I know it will never happen. I just hope that some miracle will happen and the net admin bodies suddly grow morality, or RMS goes apeshit and blows them all to hell… either way, something’s gotta change at some point.

Does el Reg ever start to annoy you? I started reading it because it was where the BOFH was, but I kept reading it because it was a good source. Stuff like “RealNames goes titsup.com” and all the other such headlines, and all the “Yahoo! Subjects! That! Always! Have! Exclamations!” were amusing the first time. They aren’t amusing any more.

I submitted a CGI I wrote and hosted to one of the stories, and it still gets me hits. Sadly, they typoed on the link, so the first few thousand to click on it 404d.

The Reg wobbled a bit when it let a lot of the journos go recently. It’s still a bit of a pale shadow of its former self, and I think they may have overextended themselves with TheRegUS.

Mind you, I never ‘got’ the BOFH stuff.