Okay then, let's have a Blackout Party!

I’ve got the barbecue grill going with hamburgers and bratwurst.

I made it to the store just in time and bought all their ice. There’s beer and soda.

The candles are lit.

I have various board games set up, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Taboo, Pictionary.

I have the battery operated radio tuned to the news.

What more do we need?

Cheese for the hamburgers! With the board games in place, I’d say entertainment is taken care of. At least for me.

all the ice cream must be eaten lest it spoil. it spoils in just a few minutes ya know!

:smack: You’re absolutely right, rockingchair. I call dibs on From Russia with Buzz!

Okay, we’ve not lost power here. BUT out of sympathy for Dopers who have, I’m wrapping a kerchief over my eyes and walking around bumping into things while cussing about not being able to watch TV… :slight_smile:

I’ve taken my contacts out. Ok, sure I have my glasses on, but since they’re six years old, it’s almost the same as not having power. AND since my power flickered last night at around 11, all my clocks are still flashing 12:00.

better save the chocolate, don’t want it to melt in this heat. i take care of the cadbury.

I’ve got extra candles! Genuine beeswax, bought from the ladies of a Russian Orthodox Church. And the cherry pie was already baked. Am I lucky or what?

Actually, I have power where I am. But I still wanna go to the party!

So here I am, far away in Houston, Texas. Every friggin light in the house is on, stereo in other room’s on, the air conditioner is on 64F (take THAT, Europe!), all TVs on (but I’m not watchin 'em), and every 5 minutes on the minute I rush through every bathroom and flush every toilet then pour a glass of water from every sink and drink it real fast. Take THAT, you damn Yankees!


:ivylass pours ice down Blackeyes pants:

Take that, you poor sport!! :wink:

I’ll bring sleeping bags for all of the cranky doper kids. And extra batteries for everyone.

I reckon the party loses a bit of punch in daylight, right? Or do we all have to wear blindfolds now?

I guess I could try touch typing and that would be my effort to fly blind. I use two fingers and a thumb. Tried to learn the touch method but almost went crazy, so back to hunt and peck or the Biblical Method.

I’ll donate veggies for the veggies and I stopped at the pizza place with the gas range and got a couple extra-large pizzas: one veggie, one meat lovers supreme.

I also donate my rainbow candles with the dessert fragrances (strawberry shortcake, peach pie, pineapple pie, key lime pie, blueberry cobbler, black cherry pie, plum pudding and angel food cake).

I’m going to open the windows…it’s supposed to get up to 90 today. Or should we all go hang out on the fire escape?