Okay, what TV commercials do you actually LIKE?

The commercial for (I think Danon) yogurt as a dessert tickles me. A husband and wife are playing a little dress-up game, she being the French maid (in low-cut, admirably filled, French maid’s costume) he as Lord-of-the-Manor. She’s on his lap, feeding him spoonfuls of yogurt, pointing out that it’s not, “…how you say…tart?” when the kids pop in. “My parents are sure weird,” says the one middle-schooler to her friend. “You’re home early,” says Mama, the mood now shattered.

Great as comedy, maybe not so effective as advertising. At least I didn’t notice the brand of yogurt as much as Mama in her little costume. Woof! :cool:

What are some of your favorites?

I don’t know if it’s a local ad because I believe it’s sponsored by the SPCA, but my current favorite is this little animated cartoony song all about getting your cats fixed. One memorable moment has a shot of a bush with a heart over it and two little kitty tails poking out and shaking around. It’s really cute and the song gets stuck in your head, but for some reason, I don’t seem to mind.

And all of the Thermasilk ads are just really visually cool, although they are rather old, they still get some play.

And although I don’t like the Derango’s commercial, I do find it funny that one time I saw it with the close captioning on. It translated everything the guys said, but the point of the commercial was…you couldn’t understand what the guys said. I just found that humorous.

I usually hate Nike commercials for being cliched and preachy, but their new one with the cool piano music and all the different activities edited together is really cool, I think. If I’m flipping channels and I come across it, I always stop to watch it.

I love the new Blockbuster ads with the rabbit and the guinea pig (voiced by Jim Belushi and James Woods). I had taped Buffy and must have replayed the “Maniac” commercial 5 times, laughing each time.

cough Bunnies are cute.

I love those car commercials that show the car as being really small driving through a jungle and a snowy mountain.

I think it’s because it reminds me of being a little kid playing in the yard.

Not that my yard was a jungle or a snowy mountain.

Although I can’t seem to remember the name of the car, so I guess it wasn’t too effective.

There was this commercial which I only saw once (during the Olympics). I don’t remember the company, but it had something to do with corporate computer network security. The commercial takes place on an automotive assembly line. The technicians lose control of the line, and the robotic arms go crazy and spray paint the name “Suki” on one of the cars going by. The camera cuts to some little Japanese girl named Suki on her computer at home, and her mother telling her it’s bed time.

Call me a total schlep, but I really like the one with the mini-oreos where the little boy runs home to measure himself after seeing the little cookie in his hand.

You’re not bigger, they’re smaller! hee hee
Also–older commercial for ? some kind of chewy granola bar ? and the idea was that you gave it to your kids to shut them the hell up. It showed kids saying all kinds of embarassing and inappropriate stuff ("My daddy says you’re a floozy) without realizing what they’re saying. Cracked me up every time


I like when he juggles the hamsters :smiley:

I like the Oreo cookie ads with the old guy seeing the new chocolate creme Oreo and yelling “MOM!”, but then tasting it and saying, “Never mind!”

Oh, let’s see…

The Blockbuster ads are FAB. Crack me up every time.

The Advantage commercials were #1 in the Kitty House for a long time… even Mr. Kitty would sing along. And the Beggin Strips commercials.

There are local ads for the pandas at the Atlanta Zoo. I will literally drop everything to see one of these. They’re hilarious.

There’s a Disney commerical I have a love-hate relationship with. People in elevator, kid yakking about what a great time they had, etc. Kid points to baby stroller, says “That’s my baby brother. His name’s Joey, but mom calls him her little souvenier.” I lean toward hating this commercial, but the look that the guy in the elevator gives the mom is classic. Pulls an unwilling smile to my face.

[sub]I like the Dell spots.[/sub]


I’m really enjoying the Nike series of ads aimed at women that uses the “It’s a Man’s World” song. My favorite one so far is the one where there’s a group of women in a restaurant that’s obviously a parody of Hooters (I think it’s called Bananaz, or something like that). The men are all dressed in skin-tight t-shirts and shorts, and the women are doing things like repeatedly dropping forks on the floor so that the guys have to bend over and pick them up. It’s a hoot…a perfect (IMO) reflection of how men act in those sorts of places. Absolutely spot-on.

There’s also one where a group of women is watching some sporting event on TV…they’re acting all rowdy, guzzling beer, scarfing snacks, dropping stuff on the floor…and a guy in an apron is running around trying to clean up after them, vacuum under their feet, etc. It always gives me a chuckle. :smiley:

You only saw this one once? Cripes - I probably saw it three times every evening. It was funny the first time, not so much afterwards.

I love Jack in the Box commercials. They haven’t made a single one in the last few years that I haven’t liked.

I also liked the one with the neat-freak biker and his smoothie-drinking biker buddies - I think it was for Scotchgard or something.

The commercial for the new flat panel iMac is a stitch.

Apple used to have it on its web site…but no longer.

Last I checked, it was still here

(QuickTime movie clip)

Hey, I was going to be original and mention this one! It’s for the Bissel (sp?) Pro-Heat vacuum cleaner, with “Scotch Guard Protection”.

“It’ll put any neat-freak in Hog Heaven.”

For me, it’s any of the Dale Jarrett/UPS commercials trying to convince Dale to race the UPS truck for NASCAR. Every single one cracks me up, especially the one of Dale and his dad eating at (I assume) McDonalds. His dad says it’ll be OK with him if Dale decides to drive the truck. Dale insists he’s not going to. Dad half-smiles and says, “How 'bout some pie?”. Makes me giggle.

I thought most of the Snickers “Not going anywhere?” commercials were great.

I saw one yesterday for Bud Light.
A young couple are spending the weekend with her parents. He asks if she has anything for a headache, and she tells him to look in her parents medicine cabinet. There’s a big bottle of aspirin, but he accidently grabs the bottle next to it which is Libido Arouse.
In the next scene, the dad is at the grill, and the mom and GF are at the table. Everybody is pissed off 'cause he won’t come out of the pool.
Later, the dad is in the pool with him and says " let’s wrestle under water." And the guy is swimming franticly away.

Glory … taping Buffy … Bunnies are …



I like the Yahoo! commercial with the dolphin. I liek the way the guy calls bakc to him and he pokes his head out of the water saying, “Wh-ut” all nasily. Tee-hee.

Ex, the Pixar iMac ads are better. Love that dance!

The Canadian Viagra commercial - seen during the olympics. (All the viagra ads here are annoying and generally awful…) The song “Good Mornin’” from “Singing in the Rain” is in the background (“Good Morning, Good Morning; We’ve danced the whole night through; Good morning, Good morning to you…”) And the shot is a middle-aged guy in a suit leaving his home and heading to work. He’s dancing down the streets - he spies little kids playing hop-scotch and hops his way through, he passes through a park and dunks a basketball, he leapfrogs over a newspaper vending machine, he twirls and does some high kicks. People stare at him as though he’s crazy, but he doesn’t care at all - he’s happy and carefree! At the end of the commercial, he steps into the elevator at his office, still smiling, and the Viagra logo appears on the screen. That’s it.

Cracks me up every time I see it. I love that ad.

Stole the words right out of my mouth. I think there are three different versions of this. Theres like a two minute long one, a one minute long one, and 30 second one. All of them are great.

I liked the Bush/Gore snickers commercial.

I also loved the Nike “Exploding Monk”, “Rabid Panda”, “Unholy Cumulus” ads.