OKC Dopers, want to meet a Zebra?

I’m coming back to OKC to see my mom and stuff next week. I’ll have a couple of nights free and I would love to meet some of the local dopers and maybe have some decent BBQ.

I’ll have Monday and Tuesday, June 12th adn the 13th open if anyone is interested.

I’m probably game for Monday, that Tuesday is already taken. What side of town is Mom on?

e-mail is in profile


Okay, I *did * reply to this. Odd that it showed no replies. Maybe this post will knock something loose.

Well she lives in Midwest City. Funny, when I tell people that I grew up in Midwest City, they think it is something made up, like in a comic book. But heck, I can drive to any part of town.

To tell you the truth, NCB, I’ve been hoping that you would respond.

So Monday night folks.

Just wanted to mention that I grew up in Midwest City as well… :slight_smile:

Alas, it took me five years to get back there to visit, and that was a year ago, so I probably won’t make it back for a while. Have fun!

Have you decided on a place, yet? It’s too early to say “count me in”, but I’m interested. I can find my way around OKC well enough, but only know restaurants and such in Norman. “Someplace in Bricktown, maybe?” (Someone had to say it.)

I’m leaving the restaurant choice up to you locals but the more the merrier.

Bricktown area sounds good to me. I would say 6:30, tho, instead of the regular 7:00. Sometimes in Bricktown, that 30 minutes may make the difference between being seated in 20 to 30 minutes vs an hour and a half. Of course, if the group gets big, we’ll be waiting anyways. And… sometimes you just have to wait. It’s a popular place. At least there’s beer.

Earl’s Rib Palace will be the place. 216 Johnny Bench Drive

Monday the 12th is the night.

The name used will be Zebra, as there are way too many people with our real first names.

If you want to join us, post here. I can’t remember if the Bricktown Earl’s serves out of a line or at the table. Anyone? Might make a difference depending on how many appear. The Earl’s near my house serves out of a line and seating is extremely limited.

If Earl’s proves to be a logistical nightmare, look for us at Abuelos Mexican Food Embassy, 17 East Sheridan Ave (Bricktown). If the group gets big in this thread, I would suggest we just change to Abuelos anyways. It’s a huge place. Easier seating.

I’ll be the big guy wearing boots.

So, I’ll check back in this thread, see how many to expect, and post a final descision by Friday.

Sounds great to me!

Sorry, OKC Dopers!

The guest of honor had to cancel due to some extreme and unexpected sad circumstances. If Zebra wishes to go into details in a later post or thread, he will, it’s his call. Let’s just say for now that he could use a few encouraging words from his friends.

Thanks to Eve for the heads up, btw.
With you all in Doping spirit, NCB

Not an OKC Doper by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not just you red-staters pulling for ya, Zebra.