Old Bay is a God among seasonings

I’ve lived in Maryland all my life, so I’ve always had ready supply of Old Bay, Utz potato chips, and the entire Tastykake line (especially butterscotch krimpets). I’ve come to understand that all three are rare to find outside of the mid-atlantic.

I pity those who never get to taste the glory of Old Bay.

I live out here in the Pacific Northwest and Old Bay is readily available here.

I love it!

Huh. I was under the impression one could find Old Bay Seasoning anywhere. 'Tis a fine, fine seafood seasoning. I like dipping crab meat in distilled vinegar then Old Bay and eat. Good eats!

Old Bay is very easy to find out here. And I’d always thought it was widely available. But I’m from the east coast, and now live near a big fishing/crabbing town, so my perception might also be skewed.

Tastykakes, on the other hand, are not so widely available. And this I did not know until one night a few years ago when I had a sudden overwhelming craving for a Peanut Butter Kandy Kake.

Every now and then I luck out and find my second favorite, Butterscotch Krimpets, but it’s a rare treat. (You can buy them online at tastykake.com, but I haven’t been that desperate for a kandy kake. Yet.)

I made sure to have one when I went back home las month. :slight_smile:

I only use the original blend for seafood. But the garlic & herb blend is wonderful on just about anything else.

Old Bay is readily available in Chicago and I use it aallllllllll the time.

I stand corrected on Old Bay, then. Maybe it’s that it gets overlooked around most of the country for mainstream cooking?*

*Says he who routinely uses Old Bay as a salt substitute in most any recipe.

And occasionally puts it on ice cream.

I saw it in WalMart the other day (Greater LA County).

No Spike here, however :frowning:

I found me a marinade recipe using oil, lime juice, Old Bay and cilantro. Yummerrific!!!

And I don’t think Old Bay was always available everywhere. I seem to recall eons ago when I first left Baltimore, I tried to find some without luck. This was 30-ish years ago. Of course, I might have just lived near a crappy grocery store.

This marinade recipe must be shared and shared now! We need a drooly smiley.

Old Bay used to be a local thing (DelMarVa & DC). Now, it is pretty much a national brand. Somethings are just too good to keep a secret for long I guess, Kinda like this place. I enjoy Old Bay on hot buttered corn on the cob. I also add it to tuna/chicken salad, and my own secret recipe: Madd Maxx’s Seafood Pasta Salad.

Here it is.

I had a Tastykake for the first time last year when a Doper sent me a care package and it was only okay. Nothing special about it at all.

:: drool :: That’d be good on all kinds of stuff! See, every once in a while, you are good for somethin’! :smiley:

Yep, we even get Old Bay here in Niceville, florida, but Utz are something I’ve only found in and around the Baltimore area. Pretty good 'tater chips, by the way. I especially love their vinegar-and-salt ones.

Old Bay seasoning is quintessential Maryland. I’ve found it everywhere I’ve lived: my home Maryland, as well as NC and FLA. However, it’s hard to get people to see the beautiful lightness and elemental delight that is Old Bay.