old cartoon

A co-worker of mine is driving herself crazy trying to remember an old cartoon.

The premise: There’s a whole civilization of mice that live behind walls and borrow household items and build stuff. Their enemies were the rats, natch.
She thinks it wasn’t on every Saturday morning, but a Saturday afternoon special that aired periodically (on ABC, we think). Anyone know what it was?

Wasn’t it the Rats of Nimh? The something of Nimh, anyway. I remember that much.

“It says, I choo-choo-choose you. And it’s got a picture of a train.”

The Secret of NIMH, by Don Bluth Studios, I think. It was a movie, not a series though.

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Can’t be Secret of NIMH, because my co-worker swears she never even saw it, much less heard of it. We’re almost positive it was a series of Saturday afternoon specials, that rotated with a few other cartoons.

Could it be “the littles”? they weren’t mice but had tails and pointy ears…

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Thank you Burn, we can work in peace now. :slight_smile:

If you’re really interested you can reminisce by listening to the theme song: