Old Channel One Anchors


I was talking with one of my high school friends the other day and we fondly remember watching ChannelOne news. Now, for those who were watching around that time, does anyone have a clue as to where Chris Osborne went to?
Since remembering these anchors, my friend (who happened to have a thing for Chris) has been obsessing about finding out whatever happened to this guy, so she’s kindly “employed” me to find out. Yeah, I know, I’m her b****, oh well. But I can’t find anything about this guy, so…

Whatever happened to good ol’ Chris Osborne of ChannelOne?

Please feel free to paste links and stuff, your help is very much appreciated.

Chris Osborne is now working for CNN Headline News. I can’t remember what exactly he does, but occasionally he’s on there doing reports.

More importantly, another Channel One alum, Monica Novotny, is working for MSNBC (I believe). Is it just me or does NBC have the most attractive newswomen on TV?

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Anderson Cooper went on to ABC news, was/is the host of the Mole, and is now at CNN, I believe.

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Lisa Ling went to The View.

Krystal Greene and Maria Menounos plan to leave after this year.

Chris Whittle, the guy who thought up Channel One in the first place, now runs the Edison Project, which basically runs public schools.

The Alabaman Priests and Ralph Nader, among others, are still after Channel One for violating their own contract and advertising to schoolchildren-which, of course, was their goal in the first place.

Primedia, the current owners of Channel One, are doing very badly, losing $139 million in the first quarter of 2002. Their stock price is currently $2.56 a share.

Neidermeyer was killed in Vietnam by his own troops.

Sam Orangeman, the popular Cingular™ logo, was attacked at the 73rd Annual Committee of Humanoid Registered Trademarks by the Committe president, Mr. P. F. Doughboy, for helping Channel One violate its own contract. Mr. Orangeman said this was part of a campaing letting people know that he was not a “mutant starfish.”

Dave Barry was not available for comment, but his lawyer believes Mr. Orangeman did not have a sense of humor

To add to the list:

Tracy “The Blonde Bombshell” Smith is now at Fox News, I am told.

Serena Altschul went on to work under the Dark Lord, Kurt Loder, at MTV News.

Monica Novotny is at MSNBC, somewhere.

That’s all that I can think of. Now if only Derrick Shore would take a flying leap off of the nearest cliff. I can’t stand him.