Goodbye Lynne Russell

Well, Lynne Russell has announced she’s leaving Headline News as of this Friday. I will miss her. She was the only anchor that I thoroughly enjoyed watching. She states that “life is too short” and she wants to move on and do other things.

Bummer (for me, anyway).

Good luck, Lynne!

Dang. I’ve never had such a crush on someone 27 years (to the day) my senior.
It’s her voice.
And her eyebrows.
And her hair.
And her tattoo commemerating her black belt in Choi Kwang Do.
And the 9mm semiautomatic she carries.

This is what I get for not signing up for cable after moving into my new apartment.

She carries a pistol? Hey, it’s okay with me, just curious as to why.

On more than one occassion I’ve turned CNN on and would have sworn that Lynne Russell just got out of bed after a really vigorous schtupping. Her hair would be kind of wild, her blouse would be open just a bit too much, and she’d have a little bit of blush along her cheeks and throat. Very very sexy. Makes me wonder what was going on under her desk.


and I was so hoping that she’d be in the “women of CNN” spread that Playboy would do someday.

Check out questions 5 and 6 on the FAQ I linked to.

I guess I should have bagged on watching Sportscenter for the twentieth time each day and spent a little time watching CNN, huh?

I, too, will miss her, but nearly as much as the men on the staff of the Washington Post’s Style section.