Old Navy

It’s almost a shame that the US doesn’t require a license for freedom of speech, because Old Navy definitely deserve to have theirs taken away for those god-awful annoying commercials… I think it’s a subversive Chinese plot to distract us from Taiwan.

NO NO NO. I LOVE the Old Navy ads. The Gaps one I hate. (yes I know they and the Banana Republic are as one)

The Brewer Twins and those other twins (I forget their names) are great. Love the dog and old lady too, Let’s not forget Weezey and George and well you get the idea.

A big :slight_smile: to the ads

Them’s fightin’ words…

Wanna take this outside?

I went to an Old Navy store a few days ago to purchase a P-coat and a black stocking cap. Boy were they pissed…

Sweet Basil

SRB will get you girls!!