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It has been a long time sice I’ve been to SDMB.Are alot of old posters still here? I will start the old practice of checking the board when I get on the computer.I wish my brain wasn’t so fogged that I couldn’t remember alot of names at the moment, but I used to have some really good times here.AOL may have taken the old away, but I’m back.


       {:..        }
       \::._:._.:. /
        `~|  O  |~`
      /    o   o    \
      :    )(_)(    ;
      \   '.___.'   /
       `.,__`=' _,.'
           / / \
    jgs    \/`\/

Welcome back!

We were pretty much the best kept secret at AOL and so now that we’re in cyberspace we’ve gotten a lot more attention. It really has been for the best, though there are people that miss the feeling of closeness we had when it was just a few of us hanging out together. I kinda miss that too sometimes but that was then and this is now and these are the circumstances that prevail.

Think of it this way: all these folks you didn’t know from AOL are just friends you haven’t met yet. :slight_smile:

your humble TubaDiva