SDMB Nostalgia...

OK, so I’ve only been around since the non-AOL incarnation of the MB, but it’s been here for almost a year, and I thought some nostalgia is in order. How about an “I remember” thread? I’ll start.
[li]I remember ARG220 before God told him to stop posting.[/li][li]I remember Pickman’s Model.[/li][li]I remember Melingate.[/li][li]I remember xxxheatherleexxx[/li][/ul]

I remember myquadell.

I remember Mama . . . Oh, wait, that’s something else.

I remember Our Quadell. Wish he’d come back.
I remember when Eve was Flora McFlimsey, and I’ll bet her post status would be pushing two thousand now if she still WAS Flora McFlimsey.

I remember when Little Nemo was somebody else, but I don’t remember who.

I remember PapaBear when he was still PapaBear, and how red he got when Sqrlcub explained to us all what a Papa Bear was.


Oh, yeah! Mike King! (slaps forehead)

I remember when there weren’t so many big egos

We are, each of us angels with only one wing,and we can only fly by embracing one another

Most of my nostalgia is from the AOL board…

I remember when using the ~ would get you wholloped for potentially bringing back PerkyDan.
I remember when Devilfish posted every day.
I remember WilsonSA/Lockean, the S&G Police, the jumpboots, etc.
I remember the Handbasket.
I remember the WFB and the CPB.
I remember when Kiltgrrrrl was KRFTMSTRSS (sp?)
I remember daily updates on Lynn’s yeast infections.
I remember postings by Lynns Yeast.
I remember when Cyberian showed up.
And when LtlHippo showed up.
And when Patty showed up.
And Chevy.
And Ben.
And BensMomma heh.
I remember when the most evil person on the board was George. Ohhhhh how little we knew.
I remember the old AOL chatroom and how it was only open a few hours, a few nights a week.
I remember when the TMHP was a single page.

“it’s all real”
“I KNEW IT!!!”
O p a l C a t

[li]I remember PapaBear’s 1000th post.[/li][li]I remember MyQuadell.[/li][li]I remember Melis.[/li][li]I remember shoe polish questions.[/li][li]I remember Olentzero[/li][li]I remember “‘plot line’/development of McDonalds commercials” in Comments about Cecil’s Columns.[/li][li]I remember Flora McFlimsey.[/li][li]I remember Contestant3.[/li][li]I remember loverock (I am trying to forget)[/li][li]I remember thinking it was a big deal when someone “took it to the pit”[/li][li]I remember my first post, which garnered two responses.[/li][li]I remember the Alan Smithee story we never heard the resoloution to. (What happened?)[/li][/ul]

There is other stuff, but I can’t remember it.
I hope that little bullet thing worked, I will be so proud. If it didn’t work. Its this computer, it does things wrong. The board has remained, for me, a fun, educational way for me to kill some time, throughout the year.


I remember Bricker’s first challenge.
Sigh. Okay, okay, getting my newbie ass out of here…


Winner of the Mr. & Mrs. Polycarp Award for Literalizing Cliches for knowing an actual atheist in a foxhole.

i’m still pretty new and i don’t have a clue what most of those things you mentioned were.

but i hopped onto the board at the tail end of contestant #3. whoo boy… he was the first person i met. i’m surprised i came back

I am D.B. Cooper

I remember my very first post. I asked the TM who the second-best American humorist was, after Mark Twain.

It sparked a lively discussion for a couple of days, and then sort of petered out. Pretty much like all my topics since.

I’m going to commit heresy and say it.

No, better not, I don’t want to resurrect “it.”

I remember the first thread that I read after I stumbled into this website.

It was a bunch of techno-geek gobbledygook on why Nicad batteries don’t last.

I didn’t have anything to offer, so I didn’t post.

I only know that I have always followed the rules on charging and discharging–and they still won’t hold a charge they’ve gone thru that cycle a number of times.

I remember my first topic, and the subsequent slam I received from Phil.

I remember before local meetings of posters IRL was a regular occurence.

I remember lots of posters who aren’t around anymore: Quadell, C#3 in his original incarnation, Thorleifur, Hoe, Loverock and Donny, GOD, TennHippie (what the hell happened to TennHippie, anyhow?) and others whose absence I unconsciously appreciate but don’t consciously realize.

I remember Ike and Flora’s first date.

I remember when GQ was larger than MPSIMS.

Mjollnir, were you going to say Phae[sputter] …[gurgle]…[choke]…[thud]

I remember when the Guy Thread only had one page.

I remember the odometer wars – in fact, I started the odometer wars, quite unwittingly.

I remember Karrot Soup.

And the ketchup/mustard/salsa wars.

I remember the day this board went public, and how frustrating the new format was to get used to. And I remember the panic upon getting Ed Zotti’s email that TSD and AOL were parting company.

. . . .


I also remember Quadell, when Melin had ‘moderator’ after her name.

I remember the whole C#3, Loverock, heatherlee stuff.

I remember Rowan.
I remember finding this site, and reading everyday till Prarie Rose had her baby,Christopher.

I remember Brithael…he bites!

I remember traffic jams, motorboys, and girls with tans. I remember all these things.

I sold my soul to Satan for a dollar. I got it in the mail.

I remember when David B. was a Christian…

Ah yes…the memories. But you forgot one important one, “Who is Mr. Ruda Duda?”

Yes, I remember all of these too. Which reminds me (sigh), I miss Stevicus.


Flee at once, all is discovered!

I remember him George was PmpMckDaddy (or however it was spelled) - boy, THAT’S going back a way (1996!). And yeah, I was wrong about him, too.

How on earth could we forget the Headless, Heartless, Hoofless Horse Museum? Poo particles? Spinning toilets? And that whole “guy standing on a truck” insanity… heh! Ah,the good ol’ days!

And of course, there’s also our own very cool fantasy tale, featuring the early regs in various roles… (I was honored to have been included in the cast of characters). Opal, is that link still in it’s secret hiding place?

“Not everybody does it, but everybody should.”