Old News Is Dumb News

Why am I getting last week’s news scrolling across the top of my screen? The first three are generally irrelevant – not the sort of thing one would find on the evening news.

I don’t know if these Items are provided by Yahoo! or my carrier. The first five to come up are about Cheryl Crow’s new baby, a calf with two noses, Romney’s wealth, the Iraqi government discouraging troop withdrawal, and war tensions that follow Bush to a commencement.

When I actually check for news at Yahoo!, these are the headlines:

• Senate to vote on ending Iraq war funding, troop pullout
• Justice Department No. 2 resigning amid attorney firings furor
• Iraq’s al-Qaida aiming for higher-profile targets missing troops
• Special panel says Wolfowitz broke World Bank rules
• U.S. products appearing on Cuban shelves despite embargo

No mention of an armless, one-legged driver leading a chase.

Do you think that Fox has overtaken scrolling news features? How else can you explain this obsession with three day old trivial news items? All insights are welcome.

Please tell me more about the two-nosed calf. Does it smell twice as much?