Old, old copy of Diablo 2. Installable?

So, I’ve just gone through my old things, and found an ancient Diablo 2 set of CD’s. It says it’s for Windows 2000 / 98 / 95 / NT. Is this still going to be playable on my machine, and will it be, well… Safe to install on a (much) later OS?

Yeah. You can even plug your cd-key into Blizzard’s store to get a handy digital distribution installer that’ll save you from having to deal with all of the CDs. If you run the game, it’ll probably mess up your desktop colours until you exit, but worthwise no worries.

And never mind… Just answered my own question. Having the old authentication codes, I can download the game directly from Blizzard.

…Or what Palooka just said. :slight_smile:

I got mine to run under Vista. I think I had to set the executable to run it in “xp compatibility” mode, and as an administrator.

Alright - I just downloaded my digital copy as well. Who wants to organize a game?

With the extra ‘old’ in your thread title, I’d have figured your version of the game came on wood blocks.