Old threads popping up?

I’ve noticed a bunch of old threads (by old, I mean ~a year ago) that have been posted to in the last couple of days. Is the housecleaning causing old threads to spontaneously resurface, where they are then responded to, or is it just that because old threads are going to be deleted, people are going looking through them and resurrecting them?

Sometimes, a troll will resurrect an old thread. We delete the troll’s post, but the thread doesn’t go back down in the depths of the forum again.

Or it could just be the message board acting screwy again.

I’ve seen the word ‘troll’ used several times on the BBS. What is it supposed to mean?

Pardon my ignorance… (I’m a poster, not a lexicographer).

Troll = someone who posts simply to elicit a (usually negative) reaction.

An example would be if someone posted, oh, “All gay people are pedophiles”. Or if someone posted “The Enterprise can beat a Star Destroyer in a fight” :smiley: (Okay, that last one was a joke).

Geobabe and Lynn Bodoni

It ain’t no troll, it’s our very own Resurrector: Wolfstu. Wolfstu seems to believe in the principle of recycling. One Moderator has already complimented one of the resurrected threads.

Personally, I have no problem with this, although it can get confusing for l’il ol’ me at times. If a recycled thread gets posted to by more that Wolfstu – hey, then why not?