Olden twins...coming of age

I read an AOL article about the upcoming 18th birthday of the Olson twins. The gist was they think people should basically but out of their buisness with the innocence issues (parties, virginity), which i agree with…just because they are former cute child celbrities does not mean they arn’t going through the normal gorwing up process and they will always maintain a child like “innocence”. The weird thing is as i look at recent pics…they still do NOT look 18 to me. Am i crazy for still thinking they look like pre-teens/early teens? Or is it that i will always see them as younger having watched them grow up as those cute kids on Full House? Something tells me if they really did do porn i would feel very very dirty for looking.

Wow…i managed to mispell “Olsen” twice. Once in the title and once in the thread. I do appologize

Yeah, I’d have thought the Olden twins came of age a long time ago.

Imagine how I felt when I found out that I am ony two years older than they are. :eek:

They’re no raving beauties, but at least they aren’t as chimp-like as they used to be.

  1. They look younger than 18 because nearly every picture you see of them was taken over a year ago, even their new movie.

  2. If there were only one of them, would you give her a second thought, ever? Not unattractive, just no big deal.

I do find Mary-Kate and Ashley look younger than they actually are, even when they’re all made up. At least compared to a lot of the other young female stars out there. Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, for example, is only 14 but looks at least 18, if not 20, all made up. It’s rather disturbing, IMO.

And while they are fairly good looking, I don’t particularly find the Olsens to be anything special compared to many other young stars out there. I’m personally fond of Amanda Bynes. :slight_smile: That said, from my perspective, the Olsens “came of age” almost two years ago. (And Ms. Bynes is “legal” now, for all you Americans.)

I also heard that Mary-Kate and Ashley don’t want to be known as “The Olsen Twins” anymore. I can understand that, but it won’t happen until they stop doing projects together. And while they haven’t done anything that appeals to me (yet), I do think they have talent, and great business sense.


Ok this confirms my suspicions. Amanda Bynes does NOT look 18 to me, and i watched her when was was but a little girl on nickelodeon. So it must be my mind refusing to accept the facts about former child stars:)

As a 17 y.o I think they look pretty much the same in terms of age to most of the girls I know (unfortunately most of the girls I know aren’t as hot!).
That said, I’ve only seen the Olson twins in brief news stories and I agree they look pretty grotesque throughout their younger career and are only just growing out of it.
Just a thought, but maybe people who have seen more of them are used to their former appearance and still think of them as being ugly.

Three words: Bart Simpson Syndrome :smiley: