Older Dopers: What new musical artists do you listen to?

On Facebook I posted a link on a “what are you listening to” thread to a new song by progressive metal/fusion band Thank You Scientist (who apparently formed in 2009 so don’t technically count), and several people replied that it sounded like a game song, which I totally couldn’t see, but I guess if you listen to game music all the time that might make sense.

That also reminded me that while I like new bands and new genres of music, I had thought that my friends tastes in genre had ossified in the early 2000s with nu metal being the last genre they took a liking to. But some of them do like game music now that you mention it, even putting it on as background music to play board games/RPGs to.

Honestly, I don’t think I could match music with artists from the 80s on. I recognize the names of some artists, but once I got out of college, I just didn’t care to keep up with current music.

I don’t even much like listening to the Oldies stations playing the music of my high school and college years, because it seems they play the same dozen songs over and over again. In my curmudgeonly years, I much prefer silence.

Love that song! I first heard it on a Levi’s commercial and had to look it up. Cool video, too!

Just adding a few more artists to the short list that I gave up above. I notice that my musical preferences lean more towards female artists or female-led groups now that I think about it.

PJ Harvey - I’ve known about her for a long time, but am getting into her music more now.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - So good…
Chromatics - Love Ruth Radelet’s voice and I’ve got a soft spot for the 80’s retro sound.

I’m sure I’ll think of more artists…

My son’s been trying to get me into Drake but it’s not working for me. Rap has to be really smooth for me to enjoy it. Like Eminem or NF smooth.

The Weeknd is the only new artist I’m compulsively listening to at the moment.

Fifty-something here. By virtue of my workplace’s sound system, I hear a lot of slightly out-of-date pop music. Like any other body of music, there’s some good stuff, and some crap. As I’m thoroughly tired of the classic rock songs I’ve been listening to for forty years – my life would not be diminished in the slightest if I never hear the Beatles or the Rolling Stones ever again – I’ll seek out songs or artists I’ve heard and like. So, I listen to Adele, bits of Brood and Joseph, Maggie Rogers, Beth Orton – I prefer female voices.

Some, though, I’ve liked enough to look for more than the hits: Adele, Ingrid Michaelson, Delta Rae. I’m a very big fan of Billie Eilish.

Lately, at the suggestion of my slightly older cousin, I’ve been listening to vocal chill and dubstep. So my most “Whoa. You listen to this?” artist is a Vancouver-based dubstep singer called Veela.

Hehehe, I’ve been listening to Polly Jean since long before I was married. She and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs don’t quite fit in the 10 year time frame of the OP, but if you’re listening to either of them and you’re as old as I am, I think you’re at least listening.

PJ Harvey has a quite extensive catalog, with several style changes. I still love the records where she plays guitar most of all. Rid Of Me is as good an example as any. Plus, damn good production. It still sounds pretty current to my 50+ years (hey, sounds a lot like Billie Eliish to me, but heavy) . I’m sure the kids probably disagree. Damn, I love her guitar playing.

But, then again, that gives me an in to the band that I’ve probably feasted on the most in the last 5 years. They actually formed in the mid 90’s, and started releasing records in '99 but they didn’t enter my radar in a solid way until after 2010. They’ve released a couple of LPs in the 2010s, but the best thing is still this live clip recorded in 2014. The albums rule, but they don’t match this. I’ve never seen them live, it’s probably my main goal at this point. This clip sold me on them, and I’ve been a serial consumer since.

It’s ten minutes of your life that you’ll never get back. But the closest description I can come up with of Lightning Bolt is: Imagine a thrash metal band, a noise rock band and a free jazz band were distilled into a bass player and a drummer. That’s Lightning Bolt. To my ear, there is no substitute.

The easiest/most difficult contender (who totally qualifies) is King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard as mentioned earlier by @pulykamell . Between microtones, time signatures, fixations on odd Japanese mfrd. guitars, every record having some sort of concept underlying it, those guys are dense. But then again, they put out gorgeous, somewhat easily digestible stuff like The River. The concept on this record is every track is exactly one quarter of the record.

But really, Hot Wax is the song I try to sing in the shower:

But, you’ve got no guarantees with them. Planet B is heavy thrash. Rattlesnake is its own special repetitive monster. They digested both The Fall and Slayer. I’m halfway waiting for them to put out the most insane rockabilly record ever.

Rattlesnake is just disturbing in how it validates repetition validating itself through dedicated repetition.

But I’ll spoiler Planet B for semi-comical but semi-realistic shotgun killings of the band members. It’s pretty great thrash, though:

But the long and short of it is, you never know what King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard is bringing to the table, other than you can guess guitars will be involved. Put the needle down (or just queue up the track, as appropriate), and enjoy the ride.

And screw it, just because this band labored outside of my consciousness for so long, and a band mate let me know they existed in 2015 or so. Enjoy yourself some Melt Banana. They make me happy, even though they formed in 1992 and have been releasing records for decades. They’re still this decade to me.

Geez, the OP even mentions the 10 year time limit in bold print at the bottom of the post. Smacking myself on the forehead about that…

I’ll be checking out those videos that you linked to, though.

I just realized after this post that I had another favorite that is “just a guitar and drums” and just fits in the 10 year window (technically, they formed in 2008, but most of their output is in the last 10 years).

This is a cover, but it’s the song that hooked me.

I recently discovered Rina Sawayama. She’s a British singer originally from Japan. I think she’s really good.

I’m going to cheat a little. A lot of bands/solo acts might have put out an album or two prior to 2010 that just weren’t very successful and most people hadn’t heard of them. So I might include a few on this list.

Billie Eilish - I’m not a mega fan or anything but I like “Bad Guy” and hope she’s got a bright career ahead of her.

Adele - Her first album came out on 2008 but I don’t recall hearing anything from her until 2011’s “Rolling in the Deep.” I was listening to mostly Dutch radio on the internet at the time (don’t ask) and didn’t realize she was on American airwaves.

The Pretty Reckless - They’re a rock band out of New York whose first album came out in 2010. I’ve heard a few songs on the local rock station without knowing who they were but their recent “Death by Rock & Roll” put them on the map for me.

Bruno Mars - I don’t own any albums or singles but I’m almost always happy to hear him on the radio.

Nicki Minaj - Pro tip, if Nicki is on your mix list don’t let your wife pop on the I-Tunes when you’re in the car with your mother-in-law. I don’t own a lot of her songs but I think she’s best when she’s at her most ridiculous.

Meghan Trainor - She had two singles in 2014 but I don’t know what she’s been up to lately. So while I can’t claim to be a huge fan, I like some of her songs. She did have one silly video where she attempted to dance around like a sex symbol from the 1990s and it was a terrible look for her.


I’m an older dude (61) who came into this thread specifically to post that I’m listening to Esperanza Spalding.

She’s a monster. She’s got it all. She’s a bass virtuoso, a brilliant singer, and a great writer. And (and this matters, unfortunately, in the video age) she’s beautiful. And she’s able to hop back and forth between glossy pop and straight-ahead jazz without missing a beat.

Also, while we’re at it, I’ve been listening to Rhiannon Giddens a lot.

I’m 58 and have recently purchased and am enjoying the following:

-The Beths
-Gemma Ray
-The Tallest Man on Earth
-Michael Kiwanuka
-Bas Jan

I’ve tried but I really can’t get into Billie Eilish.

But in the arena of pouty girl singers, I rather like this song (as seen in The New Pope):

Stupid video but catchy song.

I just discovered this singer over the weekend. By searching YouTube for “Gaelic mouth music”.

Which, of course, brought me to an operatically-trained African-American native of Greensboro, NC, who also plays banjo for a bluegrass/roots band. Exactly who you’d expect to be singing centuries-old Scottish Gaelic folk music, right?

It says to me that, fundamentally, there is no such thing as “black” or “white” or “western” or “Asian” music - it’s all human music.

almost 61…I have recently been jamming to Billy Strings. Very talented young guy.

Billy Strings is super talented as a guitarist, no argument. But doesn’t he have a “punch me in the smart-ass mouth” thing happening? Maybe it’s me.

Absolutely. And his buddy Molly Tuttle is no slouch, either. I think she’s his equal as a guitarist, which sometimes goes unnoticed because her style is far less flashy.

Sophie is one of the least pouty people on the planet. Check out one of their daily Twitch streams. She’s all smiles.

Sofi Tukker is awesome.