oldscratch, a City restaurant question for you . . .

. . . although it’s more of a neighborhood question, and if anyone else has some information for me, I’d appreciate it.

Mr. Pug and I would like to take Caltrain’s new weekend service from Morgan Hill to the City and visit The Slanted Door for lunch on a weekend, and hang on Valencia Street. However, we’re still new to this area and aren’t certain that Valencia Street in the Mission District is a great place to remain all day. Is the area safe enough to linger and stroll? And is the scoop on the Slanted Door true, to your knowledge? It’s supposed to be the creme de la creme of Vietnamese eateries. I’ll give them a call to ensure they are open for lunch on Saturdays, unless someone has first-hand knowledge of this, which will save me a long-distance call. Thanks in advance for any information!

Absoulutely Safe. Parts are slightly sketchy, but the whole thing is so gentrified now that you’ll be fine. Try wandering down Valencia twoards the 20 blocks too. Some galleries, and my favorite store, Paxton’s Gate, are out that way.

As for the restrauant, it is supposed to be all that. I’ve eaten there twice. Once, I was very immpressed, and once, I thought it was only ok. The first time I had a sea bass. Second, ostrich.

It’s the only Vietnamese restraunt to host Bill Clinton and Marilyn Manson, however, so take it as you will.

I have had lunch there on Saturday’s past. That was almost a year ago, most likely they are still open for weekend lunchs.

Thanks, oldscratch.

What’s “the 20 blocks”? A specific neighborhood?

Bill Clinton and Marilyn Manson? That’s really two the hard way.

Sorry. The Slanted Door is on 16th and Valencia. Between 14th and 15th and Valencia are projects, not a great area, though not too bad, 13th and Valencia also has one of my favorite bars, zyzzyva hangs out there too. If you head up towards 21st st 24th st and etc, the “20 blocks” there are quite a few nice stores. A good music store, Aquarius Records, Modern Times bookstore, which is good, Paxton’s Gate, some galleries, and other stuff. Also, at 21st and Valencia, or somewhere around there, is the restraunt Luna Park. I ate there recently, and had one of the best California Cusine Dinners ever. And it was cheap. Only $11 for my pork chop. $6 for an amazing desert. You might want to check it out for dinner.