Olsen Twins to appear in Playboy upon turning 18 -- *really?*

I’m sorry, but the Olsen twins have the faces of gibbons, and there’s just no way around it. If you want to see naked monkeys, I’m sure there’s a zoo near you.

But RickJay, they’re twins!

To quote from Annie Hall - “Think of the mathematical possibilities, Max!”


I believe Seinfeld said something about the natural order of the entertainment world where people like the Olsen Twins need to descend into the world of Heroine and Hardcore Pornography only to be discarded in the end by the side of the road. Does anyone have the exact quote?

The Bangles where on TV two nights ago. They’ve got a new album and are on the comeback trail.

Susanna Hoffs reawakened the HUGE crush I had about her in the 80’s. God that woman is HOT.

We won’t see them naked in Playboy until desperate, that’s true. That’s because Playboy isn’t hip anymore.

But these girls have been getting more risque each year (judging solely on their promotional photos and ads). I bet we’ll see them nekkid on the silver screen soon, definitely less than ten years.

Their child actors, after all. Not many last long as adult actors. And Jodie Foster, they ain’t.

They’re, they’re, they’re:smack:

And again quoted on Weekend update (to the newscaster’s credit he followed it with a “ew… that is so wrong…”)

You don’t see many teenage girls then. They ALL dress that way now thanks to Britney Spears.

Add me to the list of straight guys who think the Olsen twins are kinda strange looking. Still, you’ll notice I did open up a thread about them appearing naked in Playboy, so who knows, I might have picked it up anyway, were it anything resembling true. Oh, and I spotted the Olsen twins at the first Dopefest I ever went to, to tie this waste of a post up in a nice bow.

Merlin Olsen has a twin?

::shudders:: two naked Merlin Olsens…

What’s worse is that they’ve supposedly shacked up with the Brimley twins! :eek: two naked Merlin Olsens getting sweaty with two naked Wilford Brimleys…

Pardon my imperfect memory, but there was a case such as you describe with (IIRC) the Sun, which claimed that one of its Page 3 girls was “17 today!” (or whatever the legal age in the UK for such things is). Some astute reader pointed out to the authorities that if the Sun was publishing nude pictures on the first day they could legally do so, then they must have taken said pictures earlier – at a time when it was not legal to do so. The tabloid eventually sheepishly admitted (presumably with corroboration) that the girl in question was, in fact, older than claimed by at least a year.

And I think the Olsen twins look like those Norfin troll things.


Anyway, this guy made a web page with a countdown clock for this to happen, olsen twins in playboy countdown clock:


Thanks a lot, now I’ll never eat again!

Exactly. Especially when they were younger, like just after “Full House,” they were dead ringers for the troll dolls.

They’ve grown out of that somewhat, to the point where they look like the fashionable friends of the cheerleaders. The friends who get to hang around the genuinely pretty girls because they have a lot of money or their own car or something. Count me in as one of the straight American guys who wouldn’t spend any time or money looking for their Playboy “spread.”

I was always more a Michael Steele fan, myself.

Who’d have guessed she’d become Lt Governor of Maryland?

Hmm, I think I see a new informercial on Wilford Brimley’s schedule:

WB: Hi! I’m Wilford Brimley, did you know that a recent survey indicates that over fifty percent of Americans are over-weight? And if you’re like me, it seems that nothing you do gets those pounds off and keeps them off. Well, there’s no hope for me, but there’s plenty of help for you! I’m pleased to introduce my new appetite suppressant videotape: Man Humpin’ to the Oldies! Over two hours of me and my lover, Merlin Olsen, along with our twins, showing each other love and affection like only four men can do! Act now, and we’ll throw in a copy of our video Back Shaving Madness! You won’t believe what happens when Richard Simmons drops by! So call now!

Now more than ever, we desperately need that barfing smilie…


OK! Now that’s taking the joke just TOO DAMN FAR!!! :mad: