Olympic Fancy Dress ideas?

So, every summer I go to a very over-the-top fancy dress house party called ‘A Fete Worse Than Death’.

Each year carries a ‘Best of British’ theme (as garden fetes are very ‘British’ in a ‘Bridget Jones’ parents’ kinda way), with a slight twist – last year was Best of British TV, year before was ‘I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside’, year before was ‘Make Do And Mend/Blitz Spirit’ (as the credit crunch was in full swing). Everyone goes completely nuts with their outfits, so making a token gesture is never enough.

This year the fete has been teamed up with the opening night of the Olympics, as the hostess’ home is practically opposite the Olympic stadium. And the theme this year, therefore, is gold.

Gold? That’s it? GOLD? What can I do with that??! Please, dopers, help meeee.

You could get naked, spray your body with gold paint, and ‘die’ dramatically over the punch bowl.

Or go in a ‘Goldfinger’ costume, whatever that is.

One more thing – I just started a thread about the American Olympic uniforms. No gold in them, but maybe you can find some other (gold-based) team uniform and go in that.

Is it the Panamanian team that shows up at the Opening Ceremonies in shorts, blazers and panama hats?

You go dressed as Spandau Ballet…floppy hair, frilly shirt, bongos…sorted!

You could always go for the iconic Mark Spitz pinup look - Speedo, seven gold medals, and a '70s porno 'stashe.

Don’t forget the carefully placed zucchini.

Blonde wig and 3 teddy bears?

It would help a bit if we knew your general appearance - are you an Auric Goldfinger or a Scaramanga?

Well, she’s a woman, for starters…

How about thinking positively and dressing as your favorite countries athletes with a neckload of gold medals. Of course the downside to that is that they’re very athletic looking and not so fancy dress like.


…and head to toe in lycra. Errrr