Olympic Sponsorship agreements in Athens...

From here :

Is this behaviour in any way justified or even enforceable, in light of the number of people likely to be attending events? Will it be extended to cover clothing labels (say GAP, ADIDAS or NIKE) which could have prominent logos on display on many t-shirts or sweatshirts? How can they insist paying visitors only consume food and drinks from valid sponsors? IMHO, advertising rights afford the company a right to advertise, not to enforce effective monopolies which infringe on peoples right to choose.

Final quote, which I strongly agree with:

Can anyone defend this policy, or at least explain it? Is this setting dangerous precedents, or is it old news in certain circles and events? I find it rather contemptible on first reading but would like to know if others find this type of agreement forged between host and sponsor acceptable or normal. Thanks for any comments.

Oh. My. God. Graft and corruption in Greece?!