OMG, call 911

What an f’ing mamsy pamsy society we live in

Hunters spark lockdown of Texas nuclear weapons plant

WTF, some pencil-neck sees hunters TWO MILES from the plant and calls the cops. :rolleyes: I hope the nit wit gets charged for the response expenses.

Yes, it certainly seemed to be a giant clusterfuck. Boy are their faces red!

You’re really incensed about this? It seems entirely reasonable to me to call the cops in that situation. Seeing armed men in camouflage outside a power plant? Better safe than sorry if you ask me.

Absolutely. The measure of the toughness and resilience of a society is how well it tolerates armed men wandering near nuclear weapons plants at odd hours.

I’m right with you there.

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They weren’t “outside the plant”. They were a couple of miles away.

Well, if two armed guys were intended to go on a rampage inside a nuclear power plant, it’s not unreasonable to think they might park some distance away.

This isn’t a nuclear power plant. It’s a nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly plant.

And to most normal people, during hunting season, seeing people in camo heading into the woods with guns in their hands doesn’t even warrant a second glance.

Guys with guns near nuclear weapon sites - nothing to see here.

More than 5 oz of shampoo on a plane - GITMO!

We really can’t assume that the guy who called the authorities, a plant worker, isn’t normal and doesn’t do some hunting of his own on the weekends. This happened to be during the work week and was on private property. I know, people hunt on private property all the time, but the fact that this looked irregular to a local doesn’t mean that there was anything wrong with the guy who reported it.

More than 3 oz will send you to Gitmo.

They’d park two miles away and then, what, walk to the plant? Catch a cab?

OMG, nobody called 911.

Why is it so unbelievable that they might walk (in the hypothetical situation where they were intent on mayhem)? Maybe the terrain offered cover and they figured they’d be less likely to be discovered if they didn’t drive up and park in the handicapped space. Who knows? I just find it a little bit odd that the OP thought that reporting two armed guys near a nuclear weapons plant was so outrageous that it should result in penalties imposed on the caller.

It isn’t like the employee confronted them with guns blazing. He called the cops because it seemed, to him, suspicious. That’s kind of what you’re supposed to do.

I’m missing something. Does walking two miles seem like something strange and improbable to you? Because it takes what, like less than 30 minutes for an able person to perambulate that distance.

So it sounds like someone saw two armed men about a 30 minute walk from a nuclear weapons plant, it was investigated, and nobody was hurt or arrested. Truly a man-bites-dog bit of journalism there.

Won’t someone please think of the children?

Some of those plants have a large open area around them that’s inaccessible to the public – the article is pretty brief and doesn’t say if these guys were in that zone or close to it, which might be a factor in why they were investigated.

And Pantex is indeed where they store the pits.

Look, information is the most valuable (or dangerous) commodity. But in terms of physical objects, the pits are pretty much the worst things imaginable to have fall into terrorist hands.

I dunno, maybe because walking for two miles carrying shotguns may cause more hubbub than parking outside of the plant, and walking directly into the doors with shotguns?

Walking two miles is easy. Walking two miles with guns while draped in camo, still easy, but don’t be surprised when somebody calls the cops.

This happened in TEXAS. During HUNTING SEASON. Only a yankee, a city boy, or an anti-gun wingnut would call something like this in to the cops. I wouldn’t fine the guy for doing it, but I would laugh at him loud and long.


But why shouldn’t it cause suspicion in Texas? I mean, to play devil’s advocate for a moment, aren’t we constantly told that the terrorists are smart, and will do the best they can to blend in, to look like they belong?

Thousands of people carried shampoo or bottled water onto planes every day before 9/11, and yet the TSA decided that this harmless activity needed to be stopped in the interests of safety. Similarly, thousands of hunters go out to their blinds every year, but when it happens near a nuclear weapons facility, isn’t it a bit better to be safe than sorry?

I’m as annoyed as anyone by all security theater and over-reaction we have had to put up with over the past few years, but if we’re going to be paranoid about shit like this, then Texas shouldn’t get a pass just because more people happen to make a habit of walking around with rifles.