OMG, is this it? Beta-chan, are you coming?

I know, it’s funny to think that half a world away an entire community is holding it’s collective breath!

I’ve had a little slip of paper on my Buddhist altar, all these months, that just says, “Sticky, Sticky, Sticky!”.

Now it’s gone, and in it’s place: “Slippery, Slippery, Slippery!”

Why? Why? Why? Questions without answers, queries without kindness.

A mere twenty short minutes, a flash and a blink. That is what delivery was like for a friend.

But no, no. Not for us – or rather, not for Beta’s mama, enveloped in the midst of numbing days of a continuous, endless cycle of now stronger, now weaker contractions. Sleep a precious commodity, only the memory of which is still retained.

Why? Why? Why are some lucky but not others. We’re not cursing fate, and we’re certainly lucky to have Beta-chan but it would also be nice to catch a break here.


We went on another false run to the hospital last night. I got back last from work, which happens to be the busiest period in the year for me, we ate dinner and she started a run of contractions, still only eight minutes apart, but they were starting to last longer and longer.

Being so far from the hospital, we went in again, only to be sent home, getting back about 1:00 am.

My mother, a veteran of five pregnancies, the aunt of 29, and a now-retired new born nursery nurse says she has heard of this type of multiple day labor, but hasn’t seen it herself. Beta-mama’s doctors say that it does happen sometimes. There’s no way to tell if we’re a half a day or a week away from welcoming our little girl.

I’m tired, and I’m not the one with a stomach getting kicked apart and squeezed into pulp. As the father, you are really concerned, and rub away any ache you can. After days of this, everyone gets down.

So no news. No news but that the wonder of the beautiful new life is still around the corner. No news, but that each rush to the hospital brings a reassuring that Beta is fine, just a little shy. No news, but that our joy is not now, but in front of us.

A few days, a few very, very unpleasant, miserable, horrible days, but a lifetime of laughter, of smiles and tiny kisses lay ahead.

Soon, it will all be OK.

We’re waiting with you!

slippyslideyslipperysoftgentleslidingeasing thoughts…

I’m crossing my fingers!

Oh, Tokyo, how frusterating! Please give your wife a hug & tell her to hang in there.

It probably doesn’t help, but you have a bunch of unofficial aunts and unofficial uncles all over the world waiting with you.
This labor is bothering me more than either of my own children’s did. Of course theirs were both short and sweet.
Crossing fingers, and thinking slippery thoughts here in California for Beta-chan.

[Hijack/suggestion] As people post to this thread, give your location so that TP can show his wife and (when she gets older) Beta-chan how people from all over were following this pregnancy[H/S]

All right, then. Here is some Talking Heads to get her in the right mood.

God, keep this mother and child in your care, grant them health, happiness, and a safe delivery.

Then stand back while several hundred folks thank You by popping bottles of champagne!:smiley: Hmm, that’s an idea, I wonder if I go ahead and buy…

Go, baby beta, go! :smiley:

I think Beta-Chan should be dubbed The Official Straight Dope Baby.

My best friend was where your wife is now for 22 days (and then 22 hours of labor). Her daughter did eventually come out. There’s at least no way they’ll let her go that long.

(Anyone rooting Beta-Chan along from near Buenos Aires, Uruguay or the very southern tip of Brazil? That seems about as close as we’ll get to “the other side of the world” from Tokyo)

Best wishes from San Francisco :slight_smile:

Slippery! Slippery! Slippery!

Go for it, Beta-chan. I know you probably have pizza and a cell phone in there, and it’s very cozy, but your mommy and daddy are waiting and they love you so much. :slight_smile:

BETA! Young lady, get out here NOW!

(It’s October 7th, mk?)

I’m posting from the hospital from my pda. forgive spelling and puncuation.

beta-mama developed a fever and we rushed to the hospital. beta-chan went into fetal destress and the doctors decided to do an emergency c-section now. Got her prepped, we signed the papers and they took her to the OR.

Japanese hospitals don’t allow the fathers in the room so I’m out waiting with the grandmothers.

Pretty much in shock, and worried. It should be finished soon.

Yay Beta! Fingers crossed for safety and health.

Stay standing by the door for when the baby comes by. My previously mentioned best friend had an emergency C. Her husband went to pee* thinking it would take longer and Grandma, Auntie and I were there alone when they came through with the baby within 5 minutes. I remember begging the nurse to stay RIGHT THERE while I booked it down the hall to get Daddy from the can.

*(this is actually the polite fiction of the ego. I believe he actually went to the bathroom so that he could break down and cry and not do it in front of all the women)

ETA: People will compliment you on the nice roundness of Beta’s head.

Gosh, I’ve seen this thread several times over the past few days, and it’s only just registered that it’s TokyoPlayer posting! Rooting for you and Mrs. TP and Beta-Chan over here!

Holy crap! I hope all is well… for Mama & Beta, Oh wow!

God, I’m waiting to pop the cork on this baby. Take care of her and her momma, and the doctors and nurses working with her. And keep an Eye on daddy too, he’s getting kind of worried.

Praying. Praying. Praying. Health and safety and a beautiful happy sleepy baby girl. Praying that you’re holding her right now and crying with joy.

She’s here!

My wife had an emergency c. They took her bed from the delivery room and sprinted down the hall with it, with me in hot pursuit. They went straight into the OR, while I had to stop to put on a hat, mask, gown, and booties. As soon as I got those on I went into the OR, and they were already putting my baby boy under the heat lamp. It was that fast.