Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

Starting off with this guy.

# Washington barber defies coronavirus restrictions, tells customers to have ‘a shot of whiskey’ instead of wearing mask

“I haven’t done anything wrong, nobody has gotten sick, and I’m not going to let anybody push me around, tell me I can’t work,” he told the Everett Herald . “I don’t need a license to work and they can’t stop me.”

What an idiot.

Shot of whiskey? Does this clown also pull teeth or remove bullets?

I don’t know the answer to that question but I’m now going to use him as an NPC in my upcoming Down Darker Trails campaign, though I may have to change his name to something more memorable like Obadiah or Bocephus.


This awesome bunch of sweethearts did their thing last Friday, full moon in Clark County WA. This is actually the facility a friend of mine works at, he’s a respiratory therapist. Awesome. Gotta love the guy gargling a faceful of mace.

Obviously the barber is Theodoric of York

Don’t barbers also shave beards? In which case, wearing a mask might be a wee bit problematic don’t you think?

Appears to have been a can of pressurized water. No one seemed to have any adverse reaction to it.

In Washington State a barber is not allowed to shave or even trim a beard or mustache while the mask mandate is in effect. I live in Washington and my barber has a sign on the wall letting people know.

When I get my haircut, my barber uses tape to fix the mask on the sides of my head so that when he unhooks the loops off my ears to trim my hair in that area the mask doesn’t fall off.

The guy in the OP has been a poster child for defiant businesses in Washington State since the start of the pandemic. He has been on conservative talk radio many times where he’s treated like a hero. He’s also an idiot. I keep waiting to hear about how he died of COVID given that he’s 80 and thinks whiskey is a panacea.

I have never had mace sprayed in my face but I’ve been in a building where it was used on someone. Just being in the general proximity is awful. If someone sprays mace in your mouth you don’t spit it out and ignore it. What the cop used was the equivalent of a clown’s squirting flower (which I think is appropriate; when dealing with clowns use their own tactics against them).

How times have changed. They used to use fire hoses.

I’ve been around both canned pepper spray as well as the larger cans of tear gas deployed to disperse crowds. In neither situations would the folks just act like nothing happened. That was odd.

While I’m still wearing a mask when I get a haircut, giving me a free shot of whiskey with every haircut would definitely get my business.

I’m not surprised though. There has been a lot of pressure locally here in Washington for cops to stop using non-lethal methods to deal with protestors. Things like tear gas, mace, bean bag guns, and so on. So they are probably resorting to squirting people with water which obviously doesn’t really do anything.

Agreed. But that douchebag needs a spray of mace directly in his face. He’s begging for it.

He’s fighting with police, trying to get into a hospital to spread a communicable disease. He’s an active danger to the public, and obviously has emotional issues.

To be fair, he is not trying to get in with the express purpose of spreading a disease, just to get in without respecting required precautions. If he knows he has the disease, then, yes, he deserves severe punishment, but I doubt whether he knows that he is actually infectious.

it looked like a whole family of covid deniers. That room was packed with people not wearing masks or precautions.

And that’s the problem right there. He does not know, and neither does anyone else.
It’s wanton disregard for public health.

In the “olden days” these folks would have been shipped to an island off the coast and given the freedom to live out the rest of their lives there, away from the rest of us.

Agreed. Selfish assholes wanting to risk the most vulnerable because they’re too lazy or self-important to put a simple mask over their face for a little bit.

Honestly I love the idea of actually using mace on idiots like this. “Oh did that sting? It might not have been so bad if you had a mask on.”

When evil and stupidity collide.

# Louisiana man accused of raping niece allegedly hired hitmen to kill her before she could testify

Evil Idiot rapes niece. Hires other evil idiots to kill niece to keep her from testifying. Evil Idiot hitman end up killing original evil idiot’s sister and another woman.

So he trades a rape prison sentence for a rape sentence plus a murder with special circumstances sentence.

Snow shoveling disputes escalate to murder/suicide.