Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

Hey guys, I created a thread for the Octopus discussion, since it shows no signs of dying out. Can we move all things cephalopod over there?

This is it exactly. If someone wants to reserve judgment on any particular accusation, particularly if their lack of action will have no impact whatsoever on the alleged victim, I’m fine with that. The problem I see, time and time again, is when this reservation of judgment emphasizes aspects of the victim’s behavior that are completely in line with how real-life victims behave. Saying, ''Why did she wait so long to come forward?" is basically announcing through a bullhorn that you don’t know anything about the psychology of sexual assault victims, or the incredibly harsh consequences they may face for coming forward (in my case, I lost my family and my reputation just for telling a counselor), but you’re going to go ahead and judge her behavior anyway because reasons.

I completely and fully acknowledge the complexity of this issue despite my obvious bias. I find the power of false accustations, however rare, horrifying beyond measure, in part because I can relate having been falsely accused of lying about my abuse, and the experiences appear to be very similar. I don’t think it requires a court standard of evidence to make up your own mind about someone’s guilt, but I do think there is nothing wrong with taking things on a case-by-case basis. The problem comes in when skeptics embrace completely mythological concepts about what rape or abuse victims are supposed to act like in dealing with their trauma. In the past week, we’ve had posters state that nobody could reasonably feel threatened by a grown man blocking the door and masturbating in front of them, that people speaking out against sexual assault should be afforded ‘‘no big honor’’ since they are ruining the lives of the people whose movies they like to watch, that victims not speaking out right away are a cause for suspicion, and we even had a poster months ago stating that women should never tell anyone besides ‘‘a few trusted confidantes’’ about their rape, ever, unless they’d proved it in a court of law, so as to protect their rapist’s reputation. All of these statements smack of ignorance and a lack of empathy. That is damaging to everyone.

That’s a relief–I saw the thread title and thought that you were pitting real cephalopods, and thought that I might have to fight you.

Word. We don’t have to overgeneralize about cephalopods, people.

Discussion continued in the other thread.

That’s actually a bit hypocritical and more than a bit disingenuous. Not once have I said Mrs. Clinton should be sanctioned or punished over allegations. Not once. Even when you sickos in the pit advocate prison rape for various convicts if I respond at all it’s about my disgust at the advocation of extrajudicial violence.

Your victim blaming about “baiting” two posters is sickening. People have free will? People can choose to act like an ass or not inside or outside the Pit. How one acts in either is a truer reflection of character than the desire for evidence of a crime. I think the douchbag is you and your “intellectual” cohorts.

iiandyiiii, it’s unfortunate that we live in a world where people will lie for political or other purposes. However, that’s the world we inhabit. I agree with your sentiment and big picture goal but I disagree with your perception on what the best way to solve the problem is. I’m not sure what the best solution is. I’m pretty sure demonizing those who want evidence or are naturally skeptical is not it.

:(. You’re an odd creature.

Good post but I take issue with lack of empathy. I can link some videos of mob justice if you want to see the damage allegations can do. This is a complex issue but there is a reason why we, thankfully, evolved to a society that has rule of law AND due process. Do we still have lots of room for improvement? Absolutely. Will we get there by and this is not directed at you dishonest and hysterical attacks? No.

holy shit on a stick

So that’s your defense? Nitpicking what I said? You really are an asshole if you think that Pitting him for not posting in other threads is somehow less obnoxious than Pitting him for not returning to the threads he started. You also accused him of the terrible crimes of not reporting posts, not PMing a mod, or not posting outside of GQ.

You were a total dick in Pitting an inoffensive poster. If you prefer that to “bully” then fine.

You might suppose that, but then you’re an idiot.

That’s an interesting one. I’m going to let the line run on that one. It’s fishy, but I’m undecided.

Responded in the other thread.

I tried to be polite but since you insist, let me be plainer: you lied.

Sorry, not biting further.

Nice troll. I misstated the details of what you Pitted him for. What you did Pit him for was equally assholish and lame. If your only defense is a nitpick, you haven’t got one.

A wise move. You shouldn’t have tried to defend your dickishness in the first place. All you’re doing is bringing what an asshole you were to attention again.

I’d brown the meat first, and probably the onion with it. Don’t mind washing a pan to add a bit of flavor.

I am, like, even more of a stud muffin than Donald Trump!

Some posters piss me off, but that guy just plain disgusts me.

I think of him like the unlikely hero in a romance novel. He’s given up on love and his only remaining currency is status… and I guess pussy. The acquisition of women is a game. It’s fucking sad… It’s narratively perfect. One fearless heiress could turn it all around…

I don’t how he gets women to stay in his presence for more than 10 min. , much less a second date. He’s a playboy in his own mind, I would bet the farm on it!

This was just too much for him. He’s leaving us for a little while. Of course, being the snowflake that he is (that’s the right word, isn’t it?), he had to announce it in a venue where actual responses are not going to be allowed.

Apparently getting called on posting blatantly obvious racist shit is now “promoting ignorance”.

I’m sure he will be back before the end of the year with some nugget from Breitbart or Infowars.

Like actually giving us a break from him. :smiley:

Hector_St_Clare has been arguing for a while that kiddie-diddling Roy Moore is a-ok and most girls lie about rape anyway, and now he reveals how it all fits his world view. I certainly hope he’s trolling, because it’s depressing to realize there are people like that still around.