Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

I thought he was the “I accidentally brought up Hollywood being full of Jews” guy.

I think Tarzan™®© is someone else…

Nope, that’s Kadmos also. He has a Bug Up His Ass® about copyright in general.

Yep, you’re right. I read through some of his posts, and he mentions being blocked on other messageboards, and celebrities’ Facebook accounts.

For multiple bugs Up There™

What a fucking psycho. I hope they lock him up before he decides to make a costume out of somebody’s skin.

SeniorCitizen007 is SamuelA-ing the stone age.

Here’s another guy with the wrong impression of the Straight Dope.

Perhaps our title is a bit misleading. I admit it feels a little weird to tell Sr. Weasel I’ve been Doping all day.

Your name doesn’t help.

He’ll be on board when you show him your first SDMB pay check!

Okay, I was wrong that Kadmos1 was hoping to have more than 5,000 Facebook friends himself some day. What he is really doing is harassing a man with a terminal illness.

That’s just wrong. Man has issues.

Not sure it’s been mentioned already but GulfTiger from “NORTEX” is picking up speed here in a thread from a year-ish ago.

A quick search and sampling shows his other earlier posts in other threads are of a piece. Short, absolute, mildly combative, missing the big picture.

I think I’ve probably done my final feeding in that thread; we shall see.

Thank-you for new verb.

Today Roy Moore is the official loser of the Alabama race.

What, you don’t think it would be trivial to partition the US? Piece of cake!!

To paraphrase Dirty Harry: Nothing wrong with cleaving a country. As long as the right people get cleaved.

I think that’s pretty much as deep as GulfTiger has thought about this; “If everything I didn’t like suddenly died, or better yet was killed and their assets seized, I’d be so much more comfortable with my deep seated inadequacy.” Makes me think of this:

How do you know that she is not referencing the other kind? That would explain a thing or two.


Clothy has a soulmate now! Republitroll alert.

So he’s apparently read her book?