On Charlie Daniels


Can you believe this utter nonsense? I mean, really. I’ve never read such claptrap in all of my life. Charlie Daniels is a country music “legend?” Ha!

um…yeah, he kinda is. 80s and 90s, pretty big

First: Great username/topic combo.

Second: I tend to separate a person’s talent from their opinions. I can appreciate Daniels’ talent without necessarily agreeing with or endorsing his comments. Just like I can enjoy a Tom Cruise movie without letting his membership in Scientology affect me.

Here you are:

Oh, there were some kind of, what, political comments from Daniels in the article? I stopped reading after I saw the headline. :slight_smile:

Charlie Daniels has been a walking pile of right-wing bumper stickers for 20 years. He’s the Southern-fried version of Ted Nugent.

But yes, he’s a country music legend. And if there were a Southern Rock Hall of Fame, he’d be in there too.

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Southern rock legend? Absolutely. Country music? I don’t think so.

Flaming wingnut moran? Most definitely.

Man, I’ve heard a lot of criticism of Charlie Daniels, but “insufficiently country” is a new one.

My wife and I saw him back in the 90’s, at the county fair. I had heard his “Devil went to Georgia” tune but not much else. We gat there early, and watched his band set up. We had front row seats. The band was openly drinking alcohol, and one guy actually fell off the stage. After the band started, I wasn’t impressed, Charlie Daniels music is basic 1972 southern rock, played extremely loud. Pretty generic. At one point, Daniels talked about the evils of drugs, and that all drugs dealers should be killed, preferably by chaining them to stumps, among alligators. Meanwhile, his blearly eyed band looked like poster for “Take me to rehab”.

He has had the same bs for years. That’s what his audience wants.

Btw, lots of confederate flag stuff at his concerts, posters, t shirts, whatever.

I’ve always preferred his brother Jack.

“southern fried version of Ted Nugent” Pretty much sums it up for me.

Who’s criticizing?


For me, he’s a local who does donate time and money to special projects in the county (there’s even a city park named for him where he lives.) He’s a talented musician, but when it comesto politics, don’t touch him with a ten foot pole.

Funny that the guy who wrote “Uneasy Rider” is a right-wing loon these days.

It’s irrational, but I’ve disliked him ever since he appeared in some terrible commercial a few years back. It was set in a restaurant, and he grabbed the house violinist’s violin to show him “how it was done”, and played some fast, artless crap with the most self-satisfied look I’ve ever seen.

He goes back way farther than his hits. He is a noted session guitar player. He was on New Morning by Dylan as well as others. Maybe this is in recognition of it all.

Yeah, CD is a legend. The Devil went down to Georgia was a pretty big hit.

The country music establishment certainly disagrees with you. Charlie Daniels has had records on the country charts, won Country Vocal Grammy and BMI Country Awards, and is a member of the Grand Ole Opry.