On iPhone, how do I post a link to Flickr?

I can’t find the URL for my Flickr account - how do I post a link here on SDMB to Flickr using my iPhone?

Uh, you’re going to need to find that first. Then you just…paste it. Do you know how to copy a URL? You go to the URL, select all, and then copy. Then you come here, and you paste it.

That’s my question - on my iPhone, there’s no URL on the Flickr page. Where do I find it?

Are you using the Flickr app or browsing via Safari?

Flickr app.

Have you tried going to Flickr.com on safari and done a search for anything that would lead you to your account?

Thanks Munch - that worked. If you want to see the picture I was trying to link to, it’s in the mpsims thread I started “Doe, a deer”.