On Snoring and Keeping my wife.

Ok, Ok, Ok…I’ve put on a few pounds in the past 3 years…I went from 220 nice and lean to a 245 and ahem…not so lean. The problem is I’ve increased snoring exponentially. And my wife can’t stand it! I try to roll over, but if I’m in a deep sleep, she can’t wake me to have me roll over…so she has taken to sleeping in the spare bedroom with the siameses.

I’ve tried the spray and strips with mixed results. Can anyone shed any light on what I need to do to stop the snoring? Any remedies of the herbal variety? Any spouses have anecdotes on how to cure this miserable snoring? I’m trying to lose weight but with this new schedule of work, I’m not to keen on going to the gym at 8pm…

The simple cure is to sew a tennis ball into the back of a shirt you wear to bed so that you cannot roll over onto your back.

The more responsible cure is to lose weight.

The drastic surgical cure (that I opted for last year) involves one or more of the following: removal of tonsils and adenoids, uvulaplasty, and having a deviated septum corrected (I did all four and it worked).

Another thing: Do you have signs of sleep apnea (stopping breathing in your sleep)? That is a critical question and your solution depends on the answer.

No I do not have signs of sleep apnea. I was thinking this as well, but I don’t have it. However, I do still have my tonsils at 35 years old!

I don’t understand how the weight gain precipitated the snoring problem.

I always thought that was a myth.

And how fat can the OP be? If he was trim at 220 he must be very tall, and if he weighs 25 pounds more, now, it’s not as if he’s likely to have masses of fat around his throat and neck. Unless, of course, his weight gain is all in his neck area, which would be very unusual indeed.

I’m not fat, but I unfortunately snore.

Sounds easier to just lose the weight. My snoring had gotten to be bad enough that the wife was making me sleep on the coach. I dropped about 40 pounds and the snoring disappeared. Sadly, I’ve been sneaking those pounds back on and the wife is starting to complain again.

6’2" So not that tall. However, I’ve never been chubby, I’ve always done a lot of lifting - once competitively in college - and have always been sort of muscular. Muscle weighs more than fat…so when I started packing on the calories, I gained it in the belly and hips.

Another thing you might look into (if your insurance would cover it) before going for the whole extensive snoring surgery mentioned by Shagnasty is allergy testing.

There is an increase in adult-onset allergies, and if you have any kind of seasonal hay fever then there’s a chance you’ve got more extensive allergies.

When my boyfriend started fleeing to the spare room because I was snoring too much, my doctor (ENT/Allergy specialist) gave me the choice of the surgeries or allergy testing…I went with the testing. While I’m on weekly allergy injections now, I also only snore badly when the pollen counts are particularly up or I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t.

It’s an option. :slight_smile:


Oh, BTW, I am overweight (but working on it) and still have my tonsils & adenoids. There are also newer surgeries being tested & studied that aren’t as extreme as the whole tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy/deviated septum correction/removal of uvula.

There are lots of things that can be done. Good luck! :slight_smile:

If the first line of defence didn’t work (strips, sprays etc) you’re really left with just what the other posters already mentioned. Easiest way out is to lose the weight unless you want to endure somewhat painful surgery.

I saw a wrist-watch gadget at Frankfurt airport that was for just such a problem. It sends little electric shocks through your wrist when it hears you snoring. I googled and found a bunch of places selling Snore Stopper, but there might be another brand or three out there. I saw one link to a News station’s testing of it and they said it didn’t work on their test subject.

But this thread has a few people who love the thing. Someone mentioned eBay has them for half price.



If not yet quite proven

I am a chronic snorer and, when I am going to be sharing a room with someone else, I usually use the Breathe-Right Strips. I will note that my companions report a reduction in snoring – frequency and volume – but not total elimination.

Losing the weight is probably the best plan (it’s what I’m doing – though not just for the snoring).

From this site:

Looks like Phlosphr is at risk on more than 1 count (OK, 35 isn’t terribly old when you look at it from my direction…). The link between weight and snoring is pretty widely accepted.

Shagnasty’s mention of the tennis ball is a good one. As a quick test before you start sewing pockets in the back of all your pajamas (or if you sleep in the altogether as my father-in-law does, and yes I am going to bleach my brain now) you could try this trick I read in Dear Abby or a similar column: Get a spare bra belonging to your wife. Put it on backwards under your pajamas. Ignore obligatory “and it FITS BETTER” jokes. Put (or have her put) a tennis ball or two in the “pockets” on your back. Attempt to sleep.

Um, yes, in fact Papa Zappa did try this. And yeah, it did work. Sort of. I was laughing too hard to breathe. Which sort of ruined the moment. Plus - what if the smoke alarm had gone off in the middle of the night and we’d had to run outdoors and there was no time to remove the offending garment :eek:

So we did not persist in the experiment beyond the first night. But it did seem to minimize snoring that night.

I hope it is the coach of the girl’s basketball team and not the football coach. :wink:

I snore like a freight train. I did not snore as loud when I was thinner. The nose strips do help but as someone else stated they do not eliminate it. I have to go to my Ear Nose and Throat doctor soon for a check up on the Myringotmy surgery I had and plan on asking him about some options.


My beloved spouse snores like a – well, I don’t know anything else that sounds that way, maybe an elephant with a cold. I use ear plugs with a noise-reduction factor of 30. Works for me.

I’ve started snoring pretty badly the last couple of years. Thing is, I’ve actually lost some weight over the same period, and that’s with a concomitant increase in upper-body muscle mass, meaning the percentage body fat lost may be greater in magnitude than the percentage weight lost.

It seems the harder I sleep, the more obnoxiously I snore. I exercise to keep the weight off, and the exercise definitely makes me sleep more easily and deeply. My wife claims she beats me, sometimes a tad violently, when I approach chainsaw volumes (and to do other nasty things, like squeeze my nose shut). Often, in spite of this abuse and to her complete amazement, I won’t awaken; I’ll simply flail my arms unconsciously and roll around a bit. Thenceforth, the snoring abates for a while, until I drift into deep sleep once again.

I fear my “condition” may be due to nothing more than the loss of elasticity of the soft palate that comes with age. If that’s the case, some sort of medical (likely surgical) intervention may be the only effective means of achieving significant noise reduction.

This is not to discount the weight-gain hypothesis relating to the OP’s predicament, nor to suggest a weight-loss program is not a worthwhile course of action. It certainly won’t do any harm, and there are so many fringe benefits, it’s advisable in any eventuality. However, I think fat is likely to be only one part of the problem, and losing weight might only lessen the severity of the snoring. That said, a lessening may be sufficient to save the marriage.