On The Lot - not quite a rant

Last night, they actually re-ran films the aspiring directors had already made. Next week, the winner will be chosen from the final three. So the fact that the producers wouldn’t pay to have three more films made, and the fact that they don’t want to have a final two, basically tells me that the show is cutting its losses and throwing in the towel.

Well, good riddance. I’m a little pissed off because there was the potential for something really good here. But they miffed it. Carrie Fisher was a frigging joke — an emotional spastic. Her whole “I’m so offended!” ridiculousness over Jason’s film kind of set the tone for the season. How could she be so out of touch? And the hostess with the head-sized mouth was pathetic. Gary Marshal was useless. All in all, the show was a disaster.

I don’t even intend to watch the finale. If it airs.

My six year old loves the show, and we let him stay up for the entire program for a change. He was disappointed that there weren’t any new movies.

Any one else think Zack took a dive? He’s already in the business, he showed producers what he can do as a director, and he doesn’t have to stick around to be tied to a contract with Dreamworks tied to a show that carries the stench of failure.

Yes! In fact, I thought of him kind of like some of the contestants on American Idol in the sense of hoping they didn’t win so they could get better contracts and careers.

The show, On the Lot, carries a stench of failure? I’m intrigued by this opinion, please explain. And, what’s wrong with being tied for Dreamworks for a year? (btw, how long does the winner have to work for them?)

Zach was my favorite.

Look at “Ratings” and “Reception” at this wiki page, and I think you’ll have an idea.

I don’t know about the details of the contract they win (reality shows often give gobbledygook explanations of what the contestants really win), but if it’s to make a movie with a budget of one million dollars, that’s not a lot in Hollywood terms. Even if it’s to get paid a million dollars, it’s not a lot for a hot new director.

The real probelm with the show is fundamental, this is supposed to be a directing competition, yet these guys are asked to brainstorm and idea and wirte a script and direct it. A real test of the directing chops would be to give each director the same five pages to shoot, possibly the same actors and crew and then we would get to see who can direct versus who can write a script folks will like.

I agree. That’s what this should have been. This isn’t Independent Movie Maker Idol, at least, that’s not what they getting at when they talked about the show. I don’t find much in short films, especially these, which seem more like commercials.

Through the weeks, I’ve decided I’m out of touch with “How America Votes”, or whatever it is they say about every 5 minutes…

The whole judging thing was a total mess - the judges made useless comments, and then the public voted… What good were the judges again?

And I love the idea of giving them all the same actors/scripts/crew and having them truly compete. Too bad some mid-level schmuck decided their idea was better…

And did we really need to see their films again? God I’m glad this thing is pretty much over… as it went on, I no longer even cared who might get hired.