"On the Street Where You Post"

Zoom’s being in Istanbul (or Constantinople) got me thinking . . . What does the street where you are right now look like?

I am posting from bawdy, gaudy, naughty, sporty 42nd Street, in midtown Manhattan. Lotsa big ol’ skyscrapers, mostly art deco (with a few older art nouveau and modern glass-box buildings as well). Lots of stores, libraries, restaurants and a subway stop seconds from my office. Also crowds of slow-moving people to shove my way through during lunchtime errand-running . . .

How’s about y’all? What does your current street look like?

Snow covered streets, with more snow falling. It actually looks a little like the scene in “It’s a Wonderful Life” when George is wishing everyone and everything a Merry Christmas.

Ahh, there goes another snowplow.

In the middle of a snow storm here in Minneapolis. Stopped snowing last night, but the plows haven’t hit my street. So, out of my window there are some older looking buildings, a parking lot and lots of unplowed streets with struggling cars.

In the office…5:35pm…Friday evening rush hour.

The front window is facing a street hosting 3 lane traffic jams both ways.

Looking out from the 4th floor, I see the beautiful day it has become. It’s the warmest here in Columbus, Ohio than we’ve had for months. 60 degrees with a threat of thunderstorms. I can see the clouds starting to roll in.

There are several other 3-6 story office buildings on my street. A Shell station and Steak-n-Shake across the street. The Outerbelt I-270 runs between my building and the mall. Getting near lunchtime, traffic is starting to pick up on the highway and at the mall.

The window is open - it’s gonna be near 80 today. Across the street is the main building of the depot - built 60 years ago - and all of the hangars and support shops that have sprung up since then. The reason the window is open has to do with someone thinking we don’t need to replace the heat pumps in this (also) 60-y/o bldg, so the heat is being pumped in as the cooler outside air is being drawn in by numerous fans. I love government facilities…

Isn’t the Internet COOL? I feel like I’m getting little picture-postcards from all over.

What a pity, Zoom Pity . . . I had kinda pictured your street as looking like something out of “The Thief of Bagdad.” You know, Douglas Fairbanks leaping around bazaars; Maria Montez dancing with cobras . . . Yeah, I know, us silly, naive Americans . . .

Usually I post from the oh-so-trendy-Bucktown neighbourhood in Chicago. A short jaunt from downtown, yet fairly quiet and three 24-hour taco joints in a one block radius. I can get crack, a hooker, or a four star meal within six blocks. Gotta love it.

Currently, I’m posting from some chemistry building at the University of Manchester. Lots of…um…students. And chemicals. And everyone talks funny. :smiley:

I am looking at a very wet seven lane highway in front of my office. Nothing much to look at except one antique store and one incense manufacturing company, smells great on windy days though, across the street. Cars are zooming by incredibly fast making an even bigger mess with the rain.

It’s just an ugly day today. :frowning:

I’m writing from my apartment in Alameda, California. It’s about 8 in the morning and raining right now, there’s an elementary school on the next block and the kids are starting to walk by. I can see the little umbrellas, but otherwise they are pretty subdued. My street is mostly residential, the apartments I live in were built in the 30’s I think - and most of the homes are small craftsman bungalows. The only giveaway that this is California and not some older small town in the midwest is the palm trees. It’s peaceful and I’m happy to be sitting here enjoying my tea and not getting wet out there.

First: NYM!!! tacklehugs

Moving on. Well, if I could SEE out a window, I’d see the lovely Owen Brown area of Columbia, Maryland. Close to the Mall, food, another 2 minimalls, Loyola College of Business, and a lot of office buildings. Whee… :slight_smile:

Turn-of-the-century factory buildings (but good-looking ones) clustered around an ice-covered mill pond with lots of trees and green space, all of it covered with snow. It looks pretty idyllic, in contrast to my last job – East Cambridge ugly industrial architecture and crowded housing.

I haven’t been on 42nd street in WAY too long. Eve’s making me homesick. (Eve, you work right on 42nd street? Neat!)

Snow covered woods outside my window. (Unless I look over to left too far, and then I see the parking lot.)

[My Fair Lady ON]

People stop and view
They know what to do
They post a clever quip or an angry rant…
But I see your wit
And I embrace it
Knowing I’m in the thread where you post…

[My Fair Lady OFF]

As for the street on which I am posting, if I crane my neck just so, I can almost see a window. :slight_smile:

Upon first seeing the area in Jericho, Long Island that my company moved to from our centrally located offices on Madison Ave, my first thought was: What a godforsaken land of strip malls and highways.

My opinion has only gotten worse over the last 2 months.

Here’s where I post from. It’s roughly in the center of the page.

As I look out on my street from my house, I can see the mid-morning sun falling on the beauty that is rural Alabama. Directly across the street from my house is the home of one of my best friends. My street winds around and comes full circle at the left corner of my property, then winds on to join the highway. If you go past my house to the right, though, the woods get thicker. Blackberry and muscadine vines appear. Pine trees are everywhere, as is the proverbial red clay soil.

It’s actually not a bad little place.

Nocturne You anywhere near Huntsville ?**
I have a good view across low rise (unfortunately) south London. Lots and lots and lots of little chimneys perched on dinky houses. Almost sunny but I see greyness approaching. Damn bus brakes are constantly squeking.

Just mulling over a card I saw that someone posted in the window of my corner shop:

“Woman unable to have a second child seeks egg donor, preferably under 36 years old. Please contact……”

Putting aside the human story behind that, hmmm……the times they are a changing. Posting for a donor in a corner shop window ?

Another day in the city.

Well, here’s where I work. To be more specific, I’m in the rectangle-with-a-hole-in-it greenish building about an inch from the top. The only other things of note on that pic are the Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey) opposite, Ludgate Circus at the lower left and St Paul’s Cathedral, which you can see part of at the bottom right.

[Freddie from My Fair Lady voice]
*I have often logged on this site before
But “mip-sims” has always seemed a little trite before
All at once, there’s Eve
(nothing up her sleeve)
Asking us 'bout the streets where we post.

People stop and stare - they don’t bother me
Though I’m using the resources of the com-pa-neee
Just to romp and play
on the Net all day
Goofing off on the street where I post.*
[/Freddie from My Fair Lady voice]

Which, by the way, is part of a sterile-looking office park in the semi-suburban wasteland of Irving, TX. My view of the street includes an empty office building once occupied by Microsoft.