What can you see out the window right now?

Yup, as mindless and pointless as you can get, but here is what I’m gazing on at the moment:

  1. Several construction cranes lit up with Christmas lights.
  2. A silver Mercedes keeps driving through my alley. (The male hooker stroll is a few blocks away. I figure he’s horny but lost)
  3. Oooh, a fire truck! Woo hoo!

Basically, I’m interested in getting a little visual slice o’ life from people all over the place. Any thing interesting in your neighbourhood right now?

The dumpster for my dorm building. Very skinny trees. Lights in the distance. Evidence of a few buildings.

Tomorrow night, even though it’s the weekend before finals, if I look down I’ll see an ambulance, just like every Friday and Saturday night; some poor kid always drinks way too much. . .

I have a REALLY depressing view of a really depressing college campus.

I’ve been looking out the window a lot, lately.

This is my first Christmas in the first house I’ve ever owned. Everybody on my block has put up an identical plywood cutout of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. I have one just like it in the garage. It was there when we moved in. I don’t know what to do. I’m agnostic and my wife, though a Catholic, doesn’t like wearing her religion on her sleeve (or on the front yard). I put up lights that put the other houses to shame but the missing trio is really conspicous.

No one has said anything.

No burning crosses on the lawn.

No threats.

No dirty looks.


No windows, no portholes either!
But the closed circuit TV is showing a flight of F/A-18s and F-14s being launched off the deck.

Six deer.


Wishing all you at the SDMB Happy Xmas and a GREAT 2000 and beyond!

Well…can’t look out the window, but the sliding glass door is close enough. I can see the lights I wrapped around the balcony, and my roomie’s dog wandering around outside. Oh yeah, and the lights from the other apartment complex across the way.

During the day it’s nice though…our apartment backs onto woods and a creek. VERY relaxing, especially when I come home from the job from hell.

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A whole lotta dark.
– Sylence

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You guys should move time zones. It’s 3pm in the afternoon, and I see the trees and buildings of the suburb I work in, and some buses going by, and it’s sunny and bright :slight_smile:

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The plummeting body of Ronald Opus.

Not much to see right now (dark and all) but one day last week I watched the couple in the apartment across the alley traipse around naked for a good half hour. I’m not the voyour type, I swear! But I couldn’t quit watching! They were so good looking I couldn’t look away! Sort of like a train wreck in reverse. They never actually ‘did’ anything, just went about their business naked. They finally turned out the lights and (I hope) screwed each other silly in the dark.

I’ve always thought of porn as a guy thing. I have no objection to it, but it doesn’t really do anything for me either. But I really wanted to see these two get it on!

I just checked. No repeat performance tonight. Guess I’m a peeper after all!


Funny, I see a couple argueing… and the man has a shotgun… OH MY GOD!!!

The Christmas lights on the houses across the street, my car parked out front because I was too lazy to put it in the garage tonite.

I opened the door, and look who I found. Damn I’m good

The clubhouse of the New York City chapter of the Hell’s Angels. Pretty quiet tonight, since they had a 30th anniversary party or something this weekend and they are still recovering.

Some awsome bikes (all American, of course) parked on both sides of the street.

2 cops.

A '68 Chevy Pickup all tricked out and painted gloss black.

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Nothing…its midnight.

If there was light, however, my back lawn, some trees, a stone wall, and the blue house behind mine (first house on the street that makes up the other half of my corner lot).


If your red lights are melting, you’ve parked too close.

2 cars (mine), a paved street, and about 3 mobile homes with cars parked in front of them. Also a Dogwood tree, minus foliage of course.

I can’t see anything; the curtains are closed.

What? Oh, very well. ::walks to window and pulls aside curtain to look out::

–Two vans and plenty of cars, including one pulling into the parking lot.
–Sombody’s balcony with a grill still on it.
–The next complex over (no Christmas lights visible).
–The house across the street (no Christmas lights there either).
–Headlights of a car on the street.

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What do I see out this window:
Snow on branches, snow running up the sides of a couple telephone poles, just a bunch of freakin’ snow!

The curtains are closed, and it is quite dark, but if it weren’t, I’d see:

two dogs
bunches of cows
lots of pasture
lots of trees
old cars driving by slowly
some sheep
big piles of dirt from our digging a koi pond (my mom’s a gardening nut)
big piles of dirt from installing outside water lines to the barn and garage
not to mention
the barn and garages


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Right now, just darkness and a few lights off in the distance. If, however, it were light, I’d see my backyard, filled with my dog, Katie, our flower gardens, my old swingset, the guesthouse, and a fish pond. Beyond the fence there’s a large, green pasture filled with dairy cows that goes on for miles. After that ends, there’s the old barn, a row of small houses, the freeway, and then a large hill covered with trees and houses.