On this date in the MMP

1846 US Act of Congress passes establishing the Smithsonian Institution, now world’s largest museum and research complex.

Truly a national treasure! When the plague passes, I’ll head back to visit there - it’s been a few years.

Happy Moanday!

First! It’s good to be juvenile!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 75 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 93 with maybe rain/tstorms/apocalypse this afternoon/evenin’. Or not. TWPTB are bein’ willy-nilly today. We shall spiff da cave today and I have Vestry meetin’ at six this evenin’. Thus is the excitatement for the day. Sup shall be beastloaf, mac 'n cheese, baby lima beans, and rolls. I took the beastloaf outta da freezer a bit ago to thaw.

I have never been to the Smithsonian, but would like to one day. Maybe. The older I get the less I am inclined to travel, but who knows.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

MOnday morning and off to work. 39 days to go…

I went to a bunch of Smithsonians back in January for my birthday. I had a blast.

Glad I went when I did. No telling when I’ll be able to go back. Next time I’ll take advantage of transportation options other than my feet.

Afternoon, mumpers! I’ve been to the Smithsonian…was a fab day out :slight_smile:

It’s hot and sticky again today, really not enjoying this weather and looking forward to the predicted thunderstorms that should be rolling in today or tomorrow. Hopefully it isn’t today as I’ve got to take Shadow to the vet for his jabs this afternoon and I’ll be doubly in the bad books if he has to go out in the rain. He dislikes his carrier at the best of times, and the vet’s office that does vaccinations is not the usual one that’s walking distance from home, it’s at least a 15 minute drive. And he usually manages to have a poo in the carrier even before I’ve got him inside the car!

Might go to the gym tonight, might not…depends how I feel. Vets at 3pm, then a meeting with my boss at 4pm and then the evening is mine to do whatever I please.

Only 16 days until National Toilet Paper Day! Oh, the anticipation …

Happy Moonday!

Beautiful day outside now, it’s a sunshiny 73 degrees outside.
Supposed to get up 96 later today.

Echo got into a bit of a scuffle this morning, with Bella. She tried to take Bella’s ball, and everybody knows you don’t touch Bella’s ball. Echo won’t back down though, and so she got a little bit of a bloody nose.
Both of them surprised me this morning. Jax’s grammy came with him. She walks with a cane and both of my dogs are afraid of canes. Not grammy’s though, even Ripple went over to her, with a wagging tail, if you get a tail wag from Ripple he really really really likes you. For him to approach a stranger, who has a cane, and with a tail wag, well, grammy must be pretty special.

I’ve been to the Smithsonian many times. One of the advantages of growing up not too far from DC, lots of school field trips there.

Got my downstairs toilet fixed, and the pavers put down, and the grass mowed and whacked. I need @120 feet of fencing. The lawn guy is supposed to get back to me with a price. I’ll need two gates too. The front gate is falling apart, and I’ll need another gate between the deck and the bilco doors. He will also build a small fence so Echo can’t jump up on the ledge over then anymore. I was hoping he could take the fence all the way up to the bilco doors, but then he’d have to drill through the concrete patio for a fence post.
Fortunately the big ass tree out back is entirely on my side, so I won’t have to get it cut down. The tree alone would cost me close to $5000 to have it taken down. It takes three people holding hands to reach around the trunk. I hate the tree, nothing will grow in the back half of the yard, and because the back never dries out, the back fence is rotting away. When it’s not shedding leaves, it’s dropping helicopters, and it’s full of bushy tailed tree rats.

The neighbor’s fir tree is going to get scalped on one side.
I hate that damn tree too, and for me, a tree hugger, to hate a tree, you know it has to be bad.

I have to call the city today. I know I don’t need a permit to replace the back section of fence, but I’m not sure about the fence between our yards. The lawn guy thinks I don’t need a survey. We know the line is between the bilco doors and runs straight back from there.

This week’s off to a lovely start. Overslept, missed my bus. Fortunately, Lyft is still a fallback plan to be at irk on time.

You know I like aloha shirts. A few weeks ago an ad popped up on Facebook that had shirts with cats on them. I ordered one shirt with a black cat that looked like Tonka, and another shirt with a cat that looked like Goo. The shirts took some time to arrive, and when they did they were too small. I contacted the company. They wanted pictures of their ‘printing error’. I told them that they didn’t need pictures; the shirts are too small. They asked again for pictures. :roll_eyes: So I put the shirts on and took photos showing they’re tight around the middle. They responded that they need clearer photos. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: THEN I see they have a ‘no-return policy’. I emailed them again to tell them they’re making me angry. I’m afraid I suggested that having sold shirts, likely having had sizing complaints, still selling the shirts anyway, and sending their ludicrous emails, might be considered mail fraud.

I’m considering calling my credit union and seeing if they will do a chargeback – which I understand is expensive for the merchant. And yes, I’m saving the emails.

Morning all. heading for 92F but a 50% chance of rain it says, so we’ll see. Need to drop by the Publix today for bananas and a few other bits and pieces. Other than that sojourn, nothing much is planned for today.

Sari, maybe Echo needed her nose bloodied, improve her attitude (hey, sometimes works for children…). Sounds like lawn guy is a jack of many trades.

Swampy, if you ever make it to D.C., the Smithsonian is a must…doesn’t matter what your interest are, they have a Museum for it (and if you don’t like Museums, you can go to the National Zoo, which they also run),

And Moooooommm, you were at the Smithsonian a couple years ago (well, I bought you something to drink in one of their cafeterias, IIRC…).

ETA: Go get 'em, flyboy. Bet you’re not the first one they’ve tried this on.


I worked and lived in D.C. for 5 years. Across the street was the Air and Space Museum and a few blocks over was the castle. Pretty cool.

It’s overcast in no. Illinois with a chance of rain. I literally have no work to do so I am doing it from home.

Moonday already? Didn’t we just have one of those last week?

78 out (26, for you furriners), heat index 80, predicted high of 86, NOS turning to cloudy tonight.

I’ve been to DC twice. The first time was with the ex-family; we were passing through and took a quick detour to visit the Nam wall and the Lincoln Memorial. The other time was a business trip to pick up a pair of clocks from the Naval Observatory. Maybe someday I’ll get a chance to visit the Smithsonian…

Only got three or four hours of sleep last night, but that’s okay – that means I shouldn’t have any trouble getting to sleep early so I can get up by 0430 tomorrow. :slight_smile: Only thing I need to do today is get to the library – I’ve finished two of the books I picked up Friday, and I’m in a hurry to get the sequel to the one that kept me up so late last night.

That was, in fact, the last time I was there. Once the plague passes, we’re definitely taking Roxy to the zoo, and she’d probably enjoy the Natural History Museum. Maybe next year?

Like sari, I had my share of school trips to DC and the Smithsonian - back when there were rockets in the yard next to the castle! We’re talking mid-60s. Plus my folks would take us there for an afternoon, again in the days when parking wasn’t the nightmare it is now. For a while, I got sick to death of the Air and Space Museum because every time someone visited me, they wanted to go there.

I’ve had my walk and I did the push-mowing. After I get off Roxy-duty, I’ll do the riding mowage - which is all but the back yard. I’m thinking tonight’s supper will be burgers. But now, I’m just rehydrating and trying to cool down a bit.

Happy Moanday, Mumpers! I went to bed early and fell asleep before I even turned off the bedside lamp. Sleep is a great invention! I did keep semi-rousing because I smelled smoke. I see this morning that there was a fire at the apartment complex across the street and the mega-church behind it. I don’t know how extensive or if anyone was hurt, just a rumor that it was arson. There must have been a lot of sirens. Guess I slept through 'em.

I made an eye doctor appointment for this afternoon. I’m going to call Uber. Their COVID policies seem pretty solid–probably more sanitary than a friend’s car would be. (They’re all working or lying low, like I am.)

I’ve been to DC twice but haven’t been to the Smithsonian. The first time I had a working fellowship at the Library of Congress, and there was just no time. (I did get to the Holocaust Museum and all the Mall Monuments, plus Jefferson Monument.) The second time was in 2017 for the Women’s March, so zero time, though I really want to go back to see the Smithsonian and the National Museum of African American History and Culture. If the current resident is no longer there, I’d like to tour the White House, too. (I know he’s not on the tour: it’s just the vibes.)

flyboy, good luck with the shirt thing. Weird they made you take photos, especially since they have a no-returns policy. Sounds like they need to get shut down.

sari, is your huge tree a maple, then? I love maple trees, but then, I’m not raking up truckloads of leaves every fall. I also like squirrels, as long as they don’t get into people’s attics or take over bird feeders.

OW, I just got in TP yesterday, so I’m all set for the big day. How does one celebrate TP Day? Adorn a tree? :slight_smile:

So glad to hear this :clap:t3:. Yep, Lyft and Uber do have very solid requirements of their drivers re safe mask and contactless riding. My son drives for both of them

Hope to hear good report from you after :eyes::man_health_worker:t3::woman_health_worker:t4:visit.

That’s an excellent question! I don’t know the answer but it should definitely include time spent sitting on the throne, issuing orders to all and sundry. Let them eat cake! Off with their heads! :crown:

I think at least part of TP Day should involve making TP flowers.

Roxy is napping. I’d like to do the same, but I need to finish mowing. Adulting sucketh!!

Thanks. From what I can find out from a cursory search, they can dispute a charge-back. If they do, I might get hit with fees. Or not. I’ll have to call my credit union. I KNOW better than to buy anything off of a Facebook ad, too.

Afternoon (well, it will be by the time I finish this) all. Bananas have been procured for the next several days at Wal-Mart–went there to drop off plastic bags that they recycle a decided to get the bananas there. Interesting, I went to the self-service checkout and only one of the 5 operating machines would take cash–‘low on change’ was the explanation. So I charged $1.34 worth of bananas. Then went forth and got my Monday Jersey Mikes #3 with chips, which has been assimilated.

Weather on-line says it 95F and feels like 109F outside, I’m going to take them at their word and stay inside.

nellie, hope the eye doctor appointment goes well. My last one was a couple years ago, haven’t had any eyestrain or problems recently so haven’t gone back, even though I have Vision insurance. And glad the fire wasn’t any closer.

OK, need to do some reading, then watch soccer on the tube and find other ways to amuse myself this fine day. All y’all take care.