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I found a fun web site, http://www.on-this-day.com

We have done the “who was born on your birthday” thing before, but this site goes into more detail with historical things that happened on a specific day.

My birthday August 19th:

1692 - Five women and a clergyman were executed after being convicted of witchcraft in Salem, MA.

1921 - Gene Roddenberry was born in El Paso, Texas. Roddenberry’s first career was as an airline pilot. Later, he created the TV series Star Trek.

1934 - Adolf Hitler was approved for sole executive power in Germany as Fuehrer.

1960 - Two dogs were launched in a satellite into Earth’s orbit by the Soviet Union.

1981 - The final episode of "Charlie’s Angels was aired on ABC-TV.

1993 - “Cheers” ended an 11 year run on NBC-TV. The show debuted on September 30, 1982.

0800 - Charlemagne was crowned first Holy Roman Emperor in Rome by Pope Leo III.

1776 - Gen. George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River for a surprise attack against Hessian forces at Trenton, NJ.

1818 - “Silent Night” was performed for the first time, at the Church of St. Nikolaus in Oberndorff, Austria.

1868 - U.S. President Andrew Johnson granted an unconditional pardon to all persons involved in the Southern rebellion that resulted in the Civil War.

1914 - During World War I, British and German troops observed an unofficial truce and even playing football together on the Western Front.

1926 - Hirohito became the emperor of Japan.

1950 - Dick Tracy married on Tess Truehart.

1991 - Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev went on television to announce his resignation as leader of a Communist superpower that had already gone out of existence.

1960 - Two dogs were launched in a satellite into Earth’s orbit by the Soviet Union.

I have always wondered if their little tongues froze when they hung their heads out of the satellite window.

Sorry techchick I couldn’t help it.

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I already knew I shared a birthday with Tchaikovsky and Traci Lords (May 7th), so I looked further:
1945 - Germany signed unconditional surrender ending World War II.
It would take effect the next day.
1951 - Russia was admitted to participate in the 1952 Olympic Games
by the International Olympic Committee.
1953 - Well…they missed it!
1954 - French Colonial Forces surrendered to the Vietminh at Dien
Bien Phu after 55 days of fighting.

All the people still fighting in the Pacific would have been very surprised to hear the war ended when Germany surrendered.


Go ahead, be frank with me.
In fact, be anyone you’d like.

July 1

Mark Pirro (Tripping Daisy) 1970
Willie Dixon (Big Three Trio) 1915 Michelle Wright 1961
Roddy Bottum (Faith No More) 1963 James Cotton 1935
Deborah Harry (Blondie) 1945 Delaney Bramlett 1939
Fred Schneider (B-52’s) 1951 Bobby Day 1930
Thomas Dorsey 1899 Deborah Harry 1945
Liv Tyler 1977 Pamela (Anderson) Lee 1967
Princess Diana (Wales) 1961 Carl Lewis 1961
Dan Akroyd 1952 Karen Black 1942
Twyla Tharp 1941 Jean Marsh 1934
Jamie Farr 1934 Leslie Caron 1931
Olivia DeHavilland 1916 Susan Glapell 1882
Gottfried Von Leibniz 1649 James M. Cain 1892
George Sand 1804 Cecil Rhodes 1854
Louis Bleriot 1872 Myron Cohen 1902
William Wyler 1902 Estes Lauder 1908
Olivia DeHavilland 1916 Farley Granger 1925
Claude Berri 1934 Sydney Pollack 1934
Wally Amos, Jr. 1936 Genevieve Bujold 1942
David Prowse 1935 Daryl Anderson 1951
Trevor Eve 1951 Alan Ruck 1956
Lisa Blount 1957 Andre Brougher 1962
Andrew Cavarno 1992 Stephen Cavarno 1992
Music History
1935 - Benny Goodman and his band recorded the “King Porter Stomp”.
1956 - Elvis appeared on “The Steve Allen Show”. He was told not to dance and Allen had him sing “Hound Dog” to a real basset hound wearing tails.
1963 - “She Loves You” and “I’ll Get You” were recorded by The Beatles.
1973 - “Jesus Christ Superstar” closed in New York City after 720 performances on Broadway.
1978 - Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded” was released.
1981 - John Morey (Steppenwolf) died in a car accident at the age of 32.
1984 - The album “Animalize” was released by KISS. CD Universe
1987 - The Grateful Dead’s “In The Dark” LP was released.
Misc. History
0096 - Vespasian, a Roman Army leader, was hailed as a Roman Emperor by the Egyptian legions.
1543 - England and Scotland signed the peace of Greenwich.
1596 - An English fleet under the Earl of Essex, Lord Howard of Effingham and Francis Vere captured and sacked Cadiz, Spain.
1690 - The French defeated the forces of the Grand Alliance at Fleurus in the Netherlands.
1798 - Napoleon Bonaparte took Alexandria, Egypt.
1847 - The U.S. Post Office issued its first adhesive stamps.
1859 - The first intercollegiate baseball game was played in Pittsfield, MA. Amherst defeated Williams College 73-32.
1862 - The U.S. Congress established the Bureau of Internal Revenue.
1863 - During the U.S. Civil War, the first day’s fighting at Gettysburg began.
1867 - Canada became an independent dominion.
1874 - The Philadelphia Zoological Society zoo opened as the first zoo in the United States.
1876 - Montenegro declared war on the Turks.
1893 - The first bicycle race track in America to be made out of wood was opened in San Francisco, CA.
1897 - Three years after the first issue of “Billboard Advertising” was published, the publication was renamed, “The Billboard”.
1898 - During the Spanish-American War, Theodore Roosevelt and his “Rough Riders” waged a victorious assault on San Juan Hill in Cuba.
1916 - The massive Allied offensive known as the Battle of the Somme began in France. The battle was the first to use tanks.
1934 - The Federal Communications Commission replaced the Federal Radio Commission as the regulator of broadcasting in the United States.
1941 - Bulova Watch company sponsored the first TV commercial in New York City, NY.
1942 - German troops captured Sevestpol, Crimea, in the Soviet Union.
1943 - In the U.S., “Pay-as-you-go” income tax withholding began.
1945 - New York established the New York State Commission Against Discrimination to prevent discrimination in employment because of race, creed or natural origin. It was the first such agency in the U.S.
1946 - The U.S. exploded a 20-kiloton atomic bomb near Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean.
1948 - The price of a subway ride in New York City was increased from 5 cents to 10.
1950 - American ground troops arrived in South Korea to stem the tide of the advancing North Korean army.
1951 - Bob Feller set a baseball record as he pitched his third no-hitter for the Cleveland Indians. (MLB)
1961 - British troops landed in Kuwait to aid against Iraqi threats.
1961 - The first community air-raid shelter was built. The shelter in Boise, ID had a capacity of 1,000 people and family memberships sold for $100.
1963 - The U.S. postmaster introduced the five-digit ZIP (Zone Instant Post) code.
1966 - The Medicare federal insurance program went into effect.
1968 - The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty was signed by 60 countries. It limited the spreading of nuclear material for military purposes. On May 11, 1995 the treaty was extended indefinitely.
1969 - Britain’s Prince Charles was invested as the Prince of Wales.
1974 - Isavel Peron became the president of Argentina upon the death of her husband, Juan.
1979 - Susan B. Anthony was commemorated on a U.S. coin, the Susan B. Anthony dollar.
1980 - “O Canada” was proclaimed the national anthem of Canada.
1981 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that candidates for federal office had an “affirmative right” to go on national television.
1985 - Robin Yount of the Milwaukee Brewers got hit #1,800 of his career. (MLB)
1987 - John Kevin Hill, at age 11, became the youngest to fly across the U.S. when he landed at National Airport in Washington, DC.
1991 - Court TV began airing.
1994 - Yasif Arafat of the Palestinian Liberation Organization visited the Gaza Strip.
1997 - The sovereignty over Hong Kong was transferred from Great Britain to China. Britain had controlled Hong Kong as a colony for 156 years.

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Some selections from my birthday:

1939 - During World War II, the U.S. modified its neutrality stance with the Neutrality Act of 1939. The new policy allowed cash-and-carry purchases of arms by belligerents.

1924 - Nellie T. Ross of Wyoming was elected America’s first woman governor so she could serve out the remaining term of her late husband, William B. Ross.

1954 - Yanni was born.

Geez, women in politics, belligerents with guns and Yanni…the world just goes to hell on November 4, don’t it?

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