"Onan the Vegetarian"--the saga of Dan Hoyt

It could only happen in New York–a famous raw food enthusiast and one-time owner of three health food restaurants is photographed on a woman’s cell phone cam while masturbating on the subway. The photo get printed on the front page of several newspapers, the guy gets recognized, and is arrested.

Of course, since the guy admits he drinks his own urine, maybe he could use the defense “I was only getting a drink”?

And here’s the response of reader Laura Neilson: Was the person who said, “I don’t think he was eating totally raw” suggesting that if had more live-food enzymes in his system, he might not have been inclined to whip it out on the R train? If so, then I applaud all the lesser New Yorkers who, despite being strung out on junk food, somehow manage to keep theirs in their pants.

Here’s the link to the story.